To know how to save text message of the iPhone, you must understand the difference in between text messages and iMessage. Both of lock are quite different and also should get backed up to avoid any kind of accidental loss of data in the future. The main identification difference between both the message species is color. The message messages are environment-friendly in color, whereas the messages sent out on iMessage are blue. So, the post from iphone to Android an equipment will be sent out as a text message, conversely, iMessages room the messages in between iPhone tools only, and also they call for a data connection.

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In this guide, us will comment on the backup procedure with regards come both message messages and iMessage backup. Let’s begin with the actions to backup or conserve text messages iphone to computer freely.

Part 1: backup your message messages come computer totally free with

Part 2: back-up text message from iphone phone to iCloud

Part 3: backup text messages iphone to Gmail

Part 4: back-up text messages iphone phone to iTunes

Part 1: back-up your message messages to computer cost-free with

The very concept to conserve text messages iphone phone is to create a back-up solution wisely. And, there would certainly be nothing best than choosing an all-in-one back-up solution by is the ultimate software that supports cross-platform move facility between Android and iPhone tools as well.

download download

Furthermore, the stated software offers a totally free solution to back-up iPhone text messages come computer. It provides a topmost phone to phone transfer equipment with a cross-platform facility. You have the right to complete backup data on iphone phone or Android devices to PC/Mac with simply two steps. You can easily restore back-up or iTunes back-up files in hardly one to two actions. can additionally transfer WhatsApp data between different devices.

Steps to backup text messages to a computer with

Step 1: Download

Head in the direction of the official website of and also tap the Download button given on the top menu bar. Wait a couple of seconds for the setup to acquire downloaded.

Step 2: attach iPhone come PC

After you end up the surroundings of the setup, attach your iphone to the computer via the suitable data cable. Beginning the application and also select the back-up tab come proceed.


Step 3: pick text messages

After hitting the backup module, you will be inquiry to pick content come backup. Scroll and also check the text messages alternative to start ago up. The back-up will get automatically completed within secs after you pick the start button.


Part 2: back-up text messages from iphone to iCloud

The iCloud has the basic to back-up all kinds of data from contacts to pictures to messages safely. However, the platforms experience their limitations, together as complex steps for backup. You should go through lots of pre-adjustment in settings prior to actual backup.

To conserve text messages of the iphone to iCloud, we are going to talk about two ways. One technique involves syncing your iPhone text messages with Mac.

So, let"s begin with a general back-up of iPhone message messages top top iCloud.

1. Actions to back-up iPhone message messages to iCloud:

Step 1: open up the Settings menu in your iPhone device.

Step 2: Tap your name/image at the screen’s top.

Step 3: select the iCloud tab in a new window.

Step 4: role it down as much as messages and also activate the eco-friendly switch.


All the message messages are currently ready because that backup. You space only required to have actually sufficient an are in the iCloud. Therefore, we always recommended specialized software, i beg your pardon doesn"t suffer from room availability problems.

2. Backup iPhone message messages come iCloud by syncing iPhone through Mac

Synchronization the the iPhone v Mac is additionally a good option if you desire to conserve iPhone text messages. Given below are the measures to export message from iPhone.

Step 1: pick the Launchpad app from the dock ~ above Mac. Then, choose the messages app.

Step 2: hit the Preferences choice in the drop-down menu after clicking words Messages present on the top-left side of the screen.

Step 3: select the iMessage v

Step 4: enter the very same Apple i would credentials as on iPhone.

Step 5: open up the setups tab in her iPhone and also scroll listed below to Messages.

Step 6: fight the text post forwarding tab in the messages window. Then, choose the Mac to which you desire to enable forwarding.


Part 3: back-up text messages iphone phone to Gmail

You can additionally export message messages from iphone for cost-free to Gmail as a back-up option. Gmail is an email web-based company by Google that likewise provides individuals with space to store messages and also other media. So, you can conveniently save message messages that the iphone to Gmail. However, it is a method to keep messages quite than backup. So, the necessity of a reliable back-up solution will constantly be there.

Steps to export message messages from iphone to Gmail

Step 1: walk to settings on iPhone and tap Messages.

Step 2: Then, fight the Text blog post Forwarding tab under the messages app. Get in your Gmail i would on the result screen. The alternative can likewise be helpful to sync iPhone text messages with other devices.


Part 4: backup text messages iphone to iTunes

To produce an iTunes backup, you are compelled to sync it through iPhone first. The backing up of message messages and iMessages will certainly be automatically over once you complete the process.

Steps come sync iTunes

Step 1: affix iPhone with computer system via USB cable and open iTunes.

Step 2: fight the device tab top top the upper-left corner, as shown below.


Step 3: it will existing you through a perform of settings from i beg your pardon you have actually to choose Messages. Select the Sync checkbox, as displayed in the photo below.


Step 4: Lastly, you have to hit the apply tab in the lower-right corner. Select the Sync tab if synchronization doesn’t occur automatically.

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So, these were the four ideal ways to save text message iPhone. Simply storing them in iCloud or iTunes may leave you with certain limitations regarding space availability, etc. Thus, we always try to focus our viewers through finding a reliable back-up solution with It is a secure platform specially made for such purposes without any complications or limitations.