Podcasts are great and there's a good podcast app selection. We've got you extended with the finest podcast apps for Android!


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Podcasts seem to it is in making a return together a main resource of info gathering in the age of the Internet. That a great way to hear to professionals talk around the topics friend care around and it’s fairly easy to find good podcasts. Plus, friend can uncover a ton of entertain podcasts wherein they called stories, phone call jokes, and also there are also documentary podcasts that deep dive into specific topics. You have the right to literally discover a podcast because that just about any topic you can think of. If you’re a fan of podcasts and also are in the industry for a new podcast app, right here are the ideal podcast apps for Android.

Those who favor talk radio and don’t want to hassle with downloading and install or an option stuff, there are a variety of continual talk radio apps too!

Most of the apps ~ above this list room podcast apps that let you download or stream your favorite podcasts. We assumed we’d include at least one application that helps you make them yourself. Anchor is a podcast platform that offers endless hosting. The application lets you record audio, publish it come various places like iTunes and Google Podcasts, and also import audio native other tools to upload. It’s a neat premise through a company model that wants you to obtain successful so the both you and Anchor can make money. The app and the hosting is free, though, and this no an ad or anything, so provide it a try yourself if you want to make your own podcast.

Castbox is one of a few free podcast apps. That boasts a collection of end one million podcasts scrubbed from locations like iTunes and also others. The app additionally includes assistance for 70 languages, language learning podcasts, Chromecast support, Amazon Echo support, and more. It also includes cloud syncing for multiple maker support. The totally free version comes with everything and has no ads. The in-app purchases room basically optional.

DoggCatcher is just one of the enlarge podcast apps. However, the app does get constant updates. It currently has support for things choose Android Wear, Android Auto, and also Chromecast. Additionally, the boasts a substantial library of podcasts, playlist support, variable speed playback, themes, and various automation and customization features. The application even has Material Design. Girlfriend do have to pay $2.99 up front. However, there space no ads and no added in-app purchases.


Google is law to their podcast an option what they walk to your messaging selection. There are right now three various platforms because that podcasts native Google. The very first is Google Podcasts. It’s a reasonably standard podcast application with playback rate controls and also the capability to skip quiet segments. Google beat Music is Google’s existing music streaming service and it additionally has podcast support. Finally, a many of civilization upload day-to-day or weekly shows, podcasts, and similar material to YouTube. Google Podcasts is the easiest option and it’s free so it’s the one we recommend first. It had actually a rough start, yet it functions much better now.


Pocket Casts provided to be among the easiest referrals on any kind of app list we have actually here in ~ Android Authority. It’s still superb podcast player, but it’s not fairly the easy recommendation it offered to be. The app has an excellent UI, good discoverability features, part power user features, and also even part customization attributes like themes. This to be a premium app back in that day. However, the went the subscription route a tiny while earlier so it’s an overwhelming to introduce to your mean podcast listener because podcasts space generally free to listen to and this developer fees monthly. The a great deal if friend live and also breathe podcasts, however those who only listen come the occasional podcast would be much better served through something the doesn’t price money every month.

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Podbean is a reasonably popular podcast app and also it functions pretty well. The boasts a metric ton the podcasts organized right into various categories. You have the right to subscribe, stream, download, and listen together you choose. It also comes v lock display screen controls, assorted audio effects, Chromecast support, Android Auto support, and also integration with Amazon Alexa. That method you have the right to use it essentially everywhere. A couple of Google beat reviewers had a couple of bones to pick, but we didn’t notice anything disastrous during ours testing.