As crowdfunding continues to come to be an significantly popular type of fundraising for a wide variety of causes, the need for a lucrative and easy-to-use communication grows together well. Industry-leading crowdfunding website, GoFundMe, continues to it is in an obvious selection for numerous thousands the fundraising individuals and groups across the globe.

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Let’s discover why GoFundMe is just one of our favourite solutions:

Why us Love GoFundMe

GoFundMe is one of the most popular crowdfunding communication in both the non-profit and an individual fundraising spaces. Through its short fees and also high rates of success, it can be terrific choice for all sorts of vital needs, from medical bills to church campaigns and also more.

Plus, it’s one of the best names in the fundraising sector, which means friends, loved ones, and other supporters will feel great about providing through a well-established and also secure platform.

Facts come Know around GoFundMe

Here room some fun facts around the GoFundMe communication that demonstrate its wide reach and affect on every sorts the fundraisers:

More world launch GoFundMe fundraisers than on any type of other platform.GoFundMe pages get over 1 exchange rate visits each year, i m sorry boils under to much more than 31 hits every second.Each GoFundMe re-superstructure on society media results in an typical of $13 in donations.GoFundMe users have tendency to skew younger 보다 the median nonprofit donor demographic.The GoFundMe platform procedures an average of end 30 donations every minute.

Example GoFundMe campaign

GoFundMe’s most Noteworthy Features

GoFundMe offers an easy-to-use platform both behind the scenes for organizers and also on the donor-facing front. Here are some of their features and also benefits that stand out:

The Donate Button: GoFundMe’s donate switch widget allows individual fundraisers come quickly and also easily embed a campaign in their an individual website or blog. This way, they deserve to drive additional traffic to your crowdfunding page from exterior resources.Team fundraising abilities: Families, friends, teams, clubs, and an ext can quickly start fundraising in addition to GoFundMe’s group fundraiser functionality. Every participant can share the campaign, say thanks to donors, and also track their progression while the funds accumulated go towards a common goal.Visual goal thermometers: Once an organizer sets their dollar goal, the GoFundMe project incorporates a visual fundraising thermometer the updates in real-time once each donor submits their gift. This is good for control donations and also leveraging gamification strategies!
Learn much more about the #1 crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe

However, if (for some reason) you’re quiet in the industry for a top crowdfunding solution and you’d prefer to explore options beyond GoFundMe, you might want to think about the following fundraising sites as well:

Let’s dive right in!


1. Fundly

Best GoFundMe alternative for Mobile-First Fundraising

Fundly’s crowdfunding platform is among the best. It’s simple to obtain started, the fees space low, and also you obtain to keep every little thing funds girlfriend raise (regardless of even if it is or no you satisfy your goal!). This “keep the all” (KiA) model allows fundraisers to focus on spreading awareness for your campaigns and recruiting more donors, rather of worrying about a deadline or a looming goal.

Fundly’s platform permits fundraisers come upload media, short article updates, tell your stories, and also share their projects via Facebook, Twitter, and also email.


Why we Love This Platform

Fundly allows you to customize your campaign by adding logos, a background image, tradition colors, and an ext to make your project truly unique.

Additionally, Fundly has some of the finest customer company offerings in the industry. If friend run into a fundraising problem, Fundly’s assistance team will help you resolve it in no time.

Plus, it integrates with double the Donation’s equivalent gift automation tool, 360MatchPro.


Fundly fees a 4.9% communication fee as well as a 2.9% credit transaction card handling fee and $.30 per transaction.

2. Givebutter

Best GoFundMe alternate for Donor Management

Givebutter has everything you require for campaign fundraising in an easy-to-customize, easy-to-share format.

Add videos, tell your supporters around your campaign, and engage her donors’ an innovative side with the all-new live support feed. Plus, her supporters have the right to fundraise as a team and track your group’s progress.


Why us Love This Platform

Givebutter has actually made a huge splash in the virtual fundraising space with that intuitive and affordable services for organizations big and small and proceeds to increase functionality for your users.

They likewise integrate with 360MatchPro by double the Donation, permitting users to record match standard donations and also receive much more revenue from equivalent gifts.


You can sign up for Givebutter Base because that free, which offers you access to their Collect, Fundraise, Events, Platform, and Livestream Fundraising features.

3. Bonfire

Best GoFundMe alternate for T-Shirt Fundraising

If you’re searching for a way for your donors to support your cause even after her current project is over, giving t-shirts from Bonfire is a great way to perform it!

The procedure is simple: You architecture your shirts and also spread the word around the revenue via a crowdfunding campaign. As soon as orders room printed and shipped come supporters, you obtain all the profits.

Campaigns native this site deserve to last up to three weeks, and also if you nothing make your minimum variety of t-shirts sold, you deserve to start your campaign again.


Why us Love This Platform

Bonfire has actually concluded a long list of successful projects for recognizable establishments such as the jane Goodall Institute, the Women’s in march on Washington, and also the Susan G. Komen foundation of Greater new York City.


You get 100% the the profits from your sales, though Bonfire fees a 3.5% processing fee and a 4.5% communication fee for extr donations.

4. Snowball

Best GoFundMe alternate for Auctions and also Events

Snowball supplies a complete suite that fundraising software that works to maximize revenue for any kind of cause. V online donation pages, fundraising thermometers, text-to-give services, and more, you deserve to raise additional revenue in much less time than ever before before.

Thanks to a an extensive platform favor this, you deserve to own every element of the donation process— from spreading the word around your project to organizing and assessing donor data.


Why we Love This Platform

Snowball is easy to use for both you and also your donors! friend can quickly get up and running with a brand new donation page, re-superstructure it v supporters anywhere the world, and also watch the funds pour in in no time.


Get started with Snowball’s Essential plan for free, and also receive accessibility to the an easy giving tools you need—including one optimized digital donation page, a CRM dashboard, and recurring gift functionality. Or, upgrade to your Premium plan for $549/year and unlock boosted functionality, endless online donation pages, occasion ticketing, and also text-to-give tools!

5. 99Pledges

Best GoFundMe different for Walk-a-Thons

Geared toward “event-a-thon” layout fundraisers such as walkathons and also bike-a-thons, 99Pledges makes it straightforward to share and also manage your campaign.

When you begin a 99Pledges fundraising campaign, each participant instantly receives a donation web page to share with friends, family, and also followers end email and on social media.

Want to encourage a tiny friendly competition among your fundraisers? 99Pledges deserve to track and also share the progress of individuals or teams to show you who’s in the lead!

Why we Love This Platform

99Pledges campaign pages are easily accessible online and via mobile, make donations convenient and simple. This is the perfect method to encourage donations because that a selection of famous fundraisers. If you’re in search of inspiration, they market fundraising ideas that work well with their platform.


99Pledges fees no communication fees, and also fundraisers are complimentary to start. The only fees space standard credit card and PayPal handling fees of 29.% + 30 cents per transaction. Because that cash and check donations, you keep 100% the what friend raise!

6. Indiegogo

Best GoFundMe alternate for Product Innovation

Indiegogo is a terrific crowdfunding website for an innovative projects or businessman endeavors. If fundraisers fulfill their goal, they have the right to then choose to offer their product in Indiegogo’s marketplace.

Indiegogo is an “all or nothing” (AoN) crowdfunding platform, which, unfortunately, way that fundraisers will only receive accumulation if they meet their financial objectives within the mentioned deadline.

However, this platform additionally equips fundraisers v social sharing tools that make promo simple. You deserve to advertise her campaign throughout social media straight from your project page!


Why us Love This Platform

Indiegogo has actually made it easy for individuals to advanced money and promote their products, services, and projects. Their user interface is easy to use, and every crowdfunding project looks professional and thoughtfully made.

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Indiegogo additionally offers a mobile application for fundraisers who have to keep up through their crowdfunding projects on the go!


Indiegogo fees a 5% platform fee. Depending upon donors’ payment methods, additional transaction fees can range from 3-5%.

If you’re ready to acquire crowdfunding, we suggest launching a project with GoFundMe or among our other favorite picks. You’ll see the dollars adding up in no time!

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