TikTok is filled v short, funny dance routines the you can watch for limitless hours (trust me, I've done it), share through friends, and learn at home with glossesweb.com.

But, let's challenge it.

If you don't have a dance background, the short, tough to monitor tutorials top top TikTok can be a frustrating roadblock to joining in on the fun.

Here room simple, easy ways you can learn the 7 most famous moves ~ above TikTok.

1. The CitiRokk

The CitiRokk is that one SUPER popular TikTok dance relocate where you rock your body from side to side and also cross your arms in front of your chest.

Watch this video with the move’s creator, CitiBoyRio, come see how the move took over TikTok!


While the CitiRokk was popularized on tiktok by the Renegade run routine, CitiBoyRio simply dropped a new routine of his own!

Learn the CitiRokk Shuffle routine just in time prior to it go viral.