While the music and dancing space different, the storyline and dialogue are surprisingly identical. The brand-new movie really doesn’t obtain ambitious and also stray too far from the original. Ns think the movies enhance each other well. There are components of the initial that space superior to the redo, but also scenes in the remake that check out the moment much more and take things to a new place.For example, the death-defying, heart-pounding beforehand scene the Ariel recklessly straddling the two speeding vehicles towards an oncoming semi is not recreated in the 2nd movie. However, that does depict the initial tragedy that is the structure for the story. That heart-stopping as you instantly know no one survives.The automobile accident that kills 5 high school youngsters in Bomont is tragic and leads to the town’s conclussion that rock ‘n’ role music, alcohol and also dancing space to blame. Dancing is outlawed… until city boy Ren pertains to town to shake points up.

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But ago to the dancing and also music of the movies…

The initial Footloose movie with choreography by Herbert Ross is supervisor fun and explosive. In general, the dancing in the original feels an ext authentic and raw. An ext spontaneous and, much more rebellious.The brand-new Ren in reality seems much less rebellious and an ext clean cut. The dancing complies with in some way. I think the main difference in dance scenes in between the 2 movies would certainly be the step that functions the heat dance Fake ID. In the original, the music heard is Hurt for this reason Good and Footloose. In the brand-new movie, the scene is far much more developed v the much more choreographed run scene special the heat dance Fake ID to the huge and Rich tune Fake ID.

Jamal Sims’ Goal because that the 2011 Footloose Choreography

When interviewed Jamal Sims working for Craig Brewer (the director of Footloose) said their goal to be to “catch the spirit” that the original and not to produce something over the top. They wanted to maintain the southern homeyness that the original however interject modern-day dance moves into it. Ns think they to be successful. 27 year after the initial release, Craig Brewer and Jamal Sims offered us a modernized high-res version of Footloose for a new audience.The final video embedded here is the scene consisting of the heat dance Fake ID. One point for certain is the it’s energetic and also fun and I’m sure it has led to too many of world wanting to learn it and also even get more into line dancing.
https://youtu.be/5lgCxWubUnUVideo can’t be loaded since JavaScript is disabled: Footloose (2011) – line Dancing step (6/10) | Movieclips (https://youtu.be/5lgCxWubUnU)
Footloose heat dancing scene once Ren, Ariel, Willard and also Rusty cross the state heat to walk dancing.

Footloose Movie Soundtracks Compared

Besides the dancing and the various choreography, simply for fun, this is a to compare of the actual music. Both movies took many of your soundtrack from modern-day songs of your time, however the remake additionally kept number of from the original.

1984 Footloose initial Soundtrack: (In order of occurrence)

SongArtistMovie SceneThe Girl gets AroundSammy HagarAriel straddling the auto & truckDancing in the SheetsShalamarHi-Spot Drive-In theater sceneBang her HeadQuiet RiotGetting pulled over by cop sceneSomebody’s EyesKarla BonoffAriel and Chuck’s picnicHolding the end for a HeroBonnie TylerTractor chicken race sceneNeverMoving PicturesRen’s upset dance sceneHurts so GoodJohn MellencampDance club sceneWaiting because that a Girl like YouForeignerDance society sceneFootlooseKenny LogginsDance club sceneLet’s hear it for the BoyDeniece WilliamsTeaching Willard to dance scenesI’m FreeKenny LogginsFinal dance preparation sceneAlmost ParadiseAnn Wilson and also Mike RenoSlow run at the prom scene

2011 Footloose original Soundtrack: (In stimulate of occurrence)

SongArtistMovie SceneFootlooseBlake SheltonTitle and kids control offWhere the flow GoesZack BrownRen MacCormack coming right into townWalkin’ BluesCeeLo GreenCar repair sceneBang her HeadQuiet RiotCar fix sceneSuicide EyesThousand HorsesRace track sceneHolding the end for a HeroElla Mae BownQuiet step of Ren at homeCatch Hell BluesThe White StripesAngry run sceneFake IDBig & RichDance club sceneLet’s hear It because that the BoyDeniece WilliamsTeaching Willard to run scenesLittle Lovin’LissieFinal run preparationAlmost ParadiseVictoria Justice and also Hunter HayesSlow run at the prom scene

Brian SheridanI"m the owner of CDT. Ns live in Fullerton, California, and also enjoy nation dancing through my friends at the very least once a week.

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