The Cinnamon difficulty is this millennium"s version of your mommy admonishing you with, "If someone speak you come jump turn off a cliff, would certainly you?," for taking on a dare from her friends.

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The challenge -- attempting come swallow a tablespoon that cinnamon flour in 60 seconds without liquids -- isn"t simply painful. Follow to a file published yesterday in the journal Pediatrics, cinnamon misuse was cited in practically 200 calls come U.S. Poison manage centers during the very first half that 2012 v 30 the these situations requiring clinical attention.

The equivalent author, Dr. Steven E. Lipshultz of the college of MiamiSchool that Medicine, suggests that the combination of cinnamon"s corrosive chemical and undigestible cellulose matrix renders the practice particularly damaging come the lungs.

The lungs?

Yes, the gulp down of the flour invariably stimulates the gag reflex adhered to by inhalation that the flour that"s stuck inside the mouth and throat. The pain then reasons rapid exhalation characterized by "dragon breath" ~ above blowing the flour out. Good times.

Cinnamon (Photo credit: Sam Mugraby,, via an imaginative Commons Wikimedia license)

The complete PDF of this Pediatrics report is currently accessible online there is no a subscription.

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The idea the the an obstacle has circulated for years but has intensified v the popularity of YouTube, specifically in the last 3 years. The oldest YouTube video documenting together a difficulty was uploaded top top April 2, 2006. Pre-YouTube, the Cinnamon difficulty was an initial documented on the net by Michael Buffington together it was played by Erik Goodlad top top December 21, 2001, follow to The CC2K1 was thenreported through Jason Kottke top top December 22, 2001. Buffington"s initial URL is no longer energetic but is archived at his existing site,

So if it"s not already apparent, why shouldn"t you take the Cinnamon Challenge?

1. "Natural " is not constantly safe. Just due to the fact that cinnamon is a naturally-occurring freckles -- it"s harvested from the dried bark of number of Cinnamomum tree species -- doesn"t mean it can"t be harmful. Cinnamon is understood safe for consumption as a food additive under the U.S. Food and also Drug Administration"s classification of usually Recognized together Safe, or GRAS, list. But the FDA is quiet on spice inhalation.

2. Cinnamaldehyde rhymes through formaldehyde. The chemistry that gives cinnamon its characteristics smell and zing is known as cinnamic aldehyde, or cinnamaldehyde. This means there"s a component of the chemical that acts choose formaldehyde that binds and also has the potential to "fix" person tissue. Execute you remember smell formaldehyde in her high institution biology class when dissecting some dead animal? That"s what cinnamaldehyde can do in high concentrations. (Okay, I"m gift overly dramatic here. It"s #3, next, that"s the biggest health problem).

3. Cinnamon is soil tree bark. so not only are friend inhaling a tissue fixative, you"re also inhaling powdered bark. That"s why it"s difficult to spit out or, more importantly, acquire out of your lungs. The cellulose procession of tree bark acts prefer a sustained release medicine, yet in this instance releasing a painful and damaging chemical. The body cannot metabolize cellulose. That"s more than likely okay because that the ingredient that"s swallowed. It"ll only burn morning morning in ~ potty time. However the stuff in the lung is tough to expire. In my grandfather"s day, inhaling coal dust caused a problem called black lung. In mine father"s day, human being would obtain a lung cancer called mesothelioma native inhaling asbestos fibers. In 1984, a file in the British newspaper of industrial Medicine comprehensive the lung condition and hair and also weight lose in Sri Lankan spice workers who procedure cinnamon quills.

4. Only doing it when can create an asthma attack.Doing it once won"t cause any type of of this chronic illnesses -- probably. This 1995 paper in the Indian newspaper of medical Research mirrors that rats provided a solitary intratracheal sheep of cinnamon flour can construct severe lung damages a month later. In humans, inhaling cinnamon powder even once could at least reason an asthma attack, or uncontrollable spasms and narrowing of the bronchioles. While i haven"t yet seen any type of reports that deaths associated with the Cinnamon Challenge, i would never ever attempt law this since I have actually a background of asthma and try to steer away from anything that might cause a deadly asthma attack. In fact, ns really don"t care for non-fatal asthma attacks. Friend shouldn"t either.

5. Just due to the fact that you experienced it top top YouTube, walk that median you must do it?

That"s what mine generation is currently telling your kids.

Friends don"t let friends execute the Cinnamon Challenge.

Physics professor Rhett Allain has more on the science of the Cinnamon challenge at Wired.

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