The Cha Cha on slide is a popular line, performed in ~ weddings, proms, and also other festive gatherings. Peppy and fun, the Cha Cha Slide procedures are frequently used in competitive companion Return the exact steps can vary depending upon the performer of the music, the basics are usually the same and also they deserve to be adapted as needed. This is an upbeat, joyful run that never goes the end of style.

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Prepare come

put in some straightforward prep job-related to get the most out of your training. Click on the image below for printable instructions for the Grapevine and the other actions of the Cha Cha Slide. If you require some help, try these handy tips for Adobe printables.

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Download the printable action diagrams.

Cha Cha on slide Steps

The Cha Cha on slide is a kind of line the was choreographed by a Chicago DJ called Mr. C. Girlfriend may additionally recognize him as DJ Casper. The actions were written initially as part of a workout collection for a fitness chain, however have come to be popular in continual partner circles and now they space taught on regular basis at clubs and also studios. The song commonly calls out specifically what you must be doing, which provides it simple. What"s even much better is the these procedures are easy and fun to learn, so obtain ready to relocate on the floor as though you very own it! Here"s exactly how it works.


action to the side through your left foot. overcome your best foot end the left and also step down. action to the side v the left foot again. overcome the appropriate foot behind the left and step down. step out v the left foot. lug the best foot in. Touch right beside left.

take It ago Now

action backwards through your left foot. action backwards v your right foot. step backwards v your left foot. lug your ideal foot to accomplish your left.

One, Two, Three, Hop This Time

jump forward through your feet together. Repeat as many times together the caller specifies.


do a dramatic activity with your whole body, stomp your ideal or left foot together the instructor calls. together you move, combine jazz hand or other arm movements.

Jazz Square

overcome your right foot over your left foot. Uncross her legs through stepping onto your left foot. step to the appropriate with your appropriate foot. step in front of you through your left foot.

turning Grapevine

adjust your human body to the left. step out on your best side v your best foot. Cross your left foot over the ideal one. action out top top your appropriate side with your best foot. Close your left foot top top the left next of your right foot.

assorted Steps

You will hear some various actions as the caller continues in the song. Some will certainly be as an easy as clapping hands, and also some will be more complex but straightforward enough to catch on to with observation and practice. Try out the adhering to steps and also incorporate them right into your performances of the Cha Cha Slide:

Clap her hands to the win of the song. Hop as soon as using both feet. turn a quarter turn, therefore you room now encountering to the left of whereby you started. This step requires using a amendment grapevine, making use of the leg cross to assist you relocate in come the turn. Jump and cross your legs and immediately jump ago to your beginning position, dubbed the "criss cross." bending over and put her hands on your knees. Practice exactly how well you deserve to "freeze" when you"re If the lyrics ask, "How low can you go?" dip under to the floor and then carry your body earlier up. as soon as the lyrics tell you to "reverse," part glossesweb.comrs carry out a 180-degree turn, some do a complete turn or turn in place, and some merely slide in opposing direction. execute the Charlie Brown by jumping front on one leg and also then back on the other, kicking the former knee up as you jump back.

make the your Own

Why wait for a night the end to begin doing the cha cha slide? obtain the song and start practicing today. Back the complies with a collection pattern, the also enables for a many individual expression. Develop a dramatic pose because that the freeze. Shake her hips through every stomp. Include a complete turn to her grapevines. Every little thing you do, just have actually fun v it!

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