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Note that the fare may be a bit greater than you’re provided to in order come account for the additional time the driver requirements to do the stops.

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To calculation your Uber fare for any kind of ride, check out our Uber fare estimator.

Multiple avoid Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind as soon as making multiple stops, including suitable etiquette and special considerations:

1. Notify Your Driver

When her driver choose you up, let them know that you will do it be making multiple stops.

The application will inform them, however it’s still helpful for lock to get confirmation the you intended to include the stops, like as soon as your driver will certainly ask friend to confirm your destination during a normal Uber ride.

2. Keep Stops Under three Minutes

Don’t abuse the extr stops feature.

Your driver receives extr compensation for the added stops, however this only applies up to a point.

If you keep them waiting longer than three minutes, you take far time they might spend earning extr fares.

If you’re picking up who else follow me the way, make it clear to them that they must be prepared upon your arrival.

Likewise, if you’re dropping who off, make certain to say your goodbyes before you arrive at their destination in order come avoid maintaining the driver waiting for as well long.

If for some factor you think there will certainly be a delay at among your stops, inform the driver — that way they understand what to expect.

3. Understand how Uber Splits Fares on many Stops

One thing to know around adding stop is that, when you can still split the fare with another passenger together you would through a regular Uber ride, the separation cost will certainly still be based upon the price of the entire ride consisting of all stops.

You cannot use the Uber app to fee a other passenger for simply the part of the trip that they to be riding.

You’ll need to use an additional payment solution if you want to do this kind of split.

4. Multiple Stops are Not available on UberPOOL

UberPOOL is a good way to save money on fares when still having actually the convenience of an Uber ride.

However, girlfriend cannot add multiple stops to one UberPOOL ride.

By its an extremely nature, UberPOOL relies on make multiple stops determined in genuine time by demand from passengers.

You can include multiple stops making use of all other Uber services, consisting of premium solutions such together UberBLACK.


We expect this article has given you a better understanding of just how to add multiple stops to your Uber ride.

It’s just a matter of tapping a couple extra buttons in ~ the app, after which you can be top top your way as usual.

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