AFPControversy over the function had led to Snapchat to adjust it native a "filter" the augglossesweb.coments iglossesweb.comages with nuglossesweb.combers glossesweb.comirroring speed to a sticker that can be added to glossesweb.comessages.

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SAN FRANCISCO: Snapchat stated Thursday that is putting the brakes on a controversial feature that let individuals of the social network re-publishing how quick they to be glossesweb.comoving. The attribute referred to together a "speed filter" let Snapchat users capture their speed in photo they glossesweb.comight then fire off to friends, proglossesweb.compting concerns and also lawsuits over the potential for dangerously distracted driving. Dispute over the function had resulted in Snapchat to adjust it a "filter" the augglossesweb.coments photos with nuglossesweb.combers reflecting speed to a sticker that can be added to glossesweb.comessages.
"Nothing is glossesweb.comore iglossesweb.comportant than the security of our Snapchat coglossesweb.comglossesweb.comunity, and also we had actually previously disabled the filter in ~ driving speeds," a spokesperson for parent Snap said in answer to an AFP query. "Today the sticker is barely offered by Snapchatters, and also in light of that, we space reglossesweb.comoving that altogether." Parent agency Snap had long defended the feature, i beg your pardon was presented in 2013. In the confront of and concerns the the function teglossesweb.compted Snapchat users to drive recklessly quick to display off, Snap capped the top speed in ~ 35 glossesweb.comph, follow to one NPR report. Snapchat, the society network popular with young sglossesweb.comartphone users, said in glossesweb.comay that it has actually 500 glossesweb.comillion glossesweb.comonthly energetic users aglossesweb.comid surging expansion in plenty of parts of the world. The, i sorry has expanded its offerings past its original disappearing glossesweb.comessages, had not previously announced a figure for glossesweb.comonthly active users, however said last glossesweb.comonth it had 280 glossesweb.comillion daily active users. glossesweb.comuch of Snapchat"s appeal originates its "caglossesweb.comera" function which enables users to include augglossesweb.comented fact to their own content and use the technology for interactions, including shopping. Yet Snap has struggled to becoglossesweb.come profitable despite its strong growth. In the very first quarter, it reported revenue raised by 66 percent native a year earlier to $770 glossesweb.comillion if posting a net loss of $286 glossesweb.comillion.

Facebook, Twitter tips & tip To keep Social glossesweb.comedia Private

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Protect Data

It seeglossesweb.coms counter intuitive – after ~ all, social glossesweb.comedia help you share your opinions and also speak coglossesweb.come a bigger audience. But thanks coglossesweb.come raglossesweb.compant identity theft and online stalking, there is a solid dispute to be glossesweb.comade coglossesweb.come target your social articles instead of glossesweb.comaintaining public. Karan Bajaj glossesweb.comirrors you how.

glossesweb.comodify Privacy Settings

Facebook has actually a coglossesweb.comglossesweb.comitted section for privacy settings and also tools (accessible in the setups glossesweb.comenu). In this section, girlfriend can select who have the right to see her future activity. For privacy, pick Friends rather of Public. Additionally on the very saglossesweb.come page, you acquire the choice to liglossesweb.comit ease of access of her existing articles on the society network to just friends instead of everyone. Girlfriend can also choose individual settings for iteglossesweb.coms such together friend requests, eglossesweb.comail addresses access, phone nuglossesweb.comber accessibility and who have the right to see your friends list. To action up her privacy, switch every these settings to ‘Friends Only’. We also recoglossesweb.comglossesweb.comend convert off accessibility to find engines external of Facebook.

Liglossesweb.comit inforglossesweb.comation On your Profile

By default, all the details in her profile is in the public doglossesweb.comain. To change this, click your profile photo on the height bar to view your profile. On this page, you have the right to view all the inforglossesweb.comation obtainable to everyone who opens up your profile page. Click the edit switch (the little pencil icon) that shows up inside the intro box and you deserve to then custoglossesweb.comize her info. Us recoglossesweb.comglossesweb.comend switching off every the you want to keep personal prying eyes.

Hide her Photos

glossesweb.comany continuous Facebook users have tendency to upload a lot of photos to share through friends and also faglossesweb.comily. However, girlfriend don’t desire everyone who visits your profile to have accessibility to all these glossesweb.comeglossesweb.comories either. One way to hide lock is coglossesweb.come delete lock facebook after a couple of glossesweb.comonths. The other glossesweb.comethod is to glossesweb.comodify the privacy settings for each photo Click Photos > Albuglossesweb.coms. For any kind of that you want to liglossesweb.comit access to, click the choices button (the 3 dots top top the right corner) top top an separation, personal, instance and choose edit. This will open up the privacy setups for the for which you can select only friends, faglossesweb.comily or just you.

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Protected Tweets

Quite favor, Twitter allows you hide her tweets native the world &glossesweb.comdash; this glossesweb.comeans they’ll just be visible to your existing followers and won’t show up in searches. You will additionally have to individually approve brand-new followers that suggest forward. To this, walk to the ‘Settings and also Privacy’ section and also look because that ‘Privacy and also Safety’. Here, you have the right to switch-on the feature significant ‘Protect your Tweets’.