Sonic drive In Mobile pay app

Sonic journey In is a franchised chain of fast food restaurants, and they have actually a cell phone Pay app for iOS

and Android
devices. I set up the application on my Android phone
and also then developed a mine Sonic account, and placed $50 worth of credit transaction on it using one of my credit cards.

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Sonic Mobile salary app

You can likewise use the application to purchase credit and also then gift that to someone via email. For this test i just placed it into my own account.

Account balance in Sonic Mobile salary app

Great! I had actually funds in mine account and also I can see in the app the screen with the large red button I would press as soon as I was ready to pay. I currently know where the closest ar is, but if you room travelling, the app makes it straightforward to find the stores close to you, and also you also want come make certain that they show they accept Mobile Pay, if you intended to usage this app for payment.

Sonic app map display

Wonderful, my ar accepts Sonic mobile Pay. If girlfriend park in a stall and place your order, as soon as it’s done accepted you will see a number on the display of the stall, that you go into to do payment. If you go through the drive thru lane, girlfriend tell lock you room using Sonic mobile Pay once you with the window, and also they read off the number you must enter. In the screenshot below, 310812 was the number ~ above the second attempt.

I make the efforts this procedure twice at the window, and each time it failed and displayed the article seen here.

Sonic Mobile pay error message

I walk ahead and also paid because that my meal the way I always had done before, v my credit transaction card. Over there wasn’t everyone behind me in heat at the time say thanks to goodness, and also my call had great signal and also was functioning fine before, during, and also after this issue. Together a note, mine phone to be displaying the correct ticket balance for my meal, which indicates that communication was happening in between my phone and also Sonic, and likewise between the Sonic store and also the platform used for Sonic mobile Pay.

Later that day I placed a contact to Sonic assistance and provided the details around what happened. A courteous telephone support person verified mine information, and also that i did have $50 worth of funds on my digital card.

The adhering to day i got an e-mail from Sonic apologizing for the difficulty, and informing me that the location I had actually chosen to be having difficulties with mobile Pay, and also that I should go come a various location.

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Ahhh OK, great suggestion. For this reason I’m going to shot to spend this balance at this same ar in the future. Ns hope things are fixed by then, because going to the other location in city is no convenient for me. For currently I can’t introduce this applications to anyone based on my single experience at the drive through, and the rather mediocre an answer and solution earlier from your Sonic mobile Pay assistance folks.