Step right into Clara’s unforgettable dream whereby she start a magical wonderland that toy soldiers, a blizzard the snowflakes, the battle with the computer mouse King, and of food dances v the Kingdom that Sweets through the famed Sugar Plum Fairy.

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Experience the Magic! Tickets currently on sale.Call 304-229-3209 come reserve her today! Adult $30 children $25

The Inwood Performing arts under the direction of Winston and Denna blacksmith are start their 39th season. Over the previous 39 year they have developed the IPAC as among West Virginia’s premier training program for dancers. Young kids learn in a nurturing atmosphere while developing an abilities that place the foundation for a strong technique. This gradual procedure stimulates the advance of confidence and discipline as well as cultivates a love because that dance. Ours program urges the research of other modern dance creates including Jazz, Tap, Modern, Irish step dance and also Ballroom. No issue which course our student’s may follow the study of run will enhance their discipline for school, work, and also everyday life. Over these 39 years IPAC students have been afforded end $600,000 in tuition scholarships, teach by over 300 around the world acclaimed teachers, performed in end 100 Nutcrackers, learned 65 brand-new choreography works, 35 year of exams by the imperial Academy that Dancing, to visit 30 local Dance America south east Ballet Festivals, travel to 4 national Festivals in Montreal, Pittsburgh, Houston, and also Phoenix, and accepted an invite for an global Tour in China 2001. At the Inwood Performing Arts us have opportunities for every type of dancer so us hope friend will pick to dance through us!


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June 23, 2021 by denna

Expose you kid this summer to the joy, expression and also discipline the dance. As they discover the structure of dance, students practice both your bodies and imaginations. The youngest dancer can discover the civilization of dance through stories, movement and music in our Prince and also Princess camp. Ireland dance lovers can learn about traditional irish stories the teach about culture and choreography in our Irish action Dance Camp . The upper level students room immersed in assorted genres including contemporary, character, tap when reinforcing a solid discipline in classical ballet training. Sign up with our wonderful faculty together they share your love of run helping your child to grow a depths appreciation because that its joy, expression and discipline. This amazing summer expedition will begin

July 5th so it is registered now! speak to 304-229-3209 to inquiry an application. Watch our website for details on all camps

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June 27, 2020 by denna

June 24, 2020

The IPAC will be reopening because that summer July 6th. Our very first priority v reopening is the safety of our dancers, faculty and also staff; thus we have consulted guidelines indigenous state and also local government, local health and wellness departments, royal Academy that Dance, and the healthcare specialists in our very own IPAC family. Us hope that these policies will assist to mitigate the infection of COVID-19 and administer as for sure an environment as possible, however this will require everyone’s active participation. We recognize that some might not feeling comfortable permitting your student earlier at the studio thus we will be giving a virtual routine that will proceed to stimulate and also energize your dance lover. If you have vacationed in a COVID -19 hot Spot we ask that you quarantine 14 work taking virtual classes before returning come the studio. Please familiarize yourself and your dancer through the adhering to procedures. Procedural changes or going all-virtual are always considerations if there are COVID-19 spikes in our surrounding area.

Student’s ready at home:

Please carry out not pertained to MYB if you are feeling ill, have actually a fever, a cold, room sneezing, and/or coughing also if this might be because of allergies. In addition, if friend or everyone in your household has been around someone diagnosed v COVID-19, we ask the you carry out not involved the studio for two weeks after exposure. If feasible take her temperature prior to coming come the studio. Please execute not come if you feeling sick, have actually a temperature, cough, diarrhea, or have actually been exposed come someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.Provide a plastic carry to ar shoes in ~ above entering the building.Provide your own water bottles v your name.Bring some an individual hand sanitizer that have at least 60% ethyl alcohol or 70% isopropyl alcohol and should be permitted to dry because that 30 seconds and disinfectant wipes.Bring several masks to adjust if they get sweaty.Bring lunch or snacks that can be easily consumed, individually packaged and do not need to be prepared in the kitchen. Students will certainly eat exterior on the back lawn or in the studio on merganser days.Dress for course with a covering up, together dressing rooms will certainly not be accessible.Bring a large beach bath towel for extending or lied on floor.

Arrival steps for students, faculty and staff:

We have to all assume the we can be an asymptomatic carrier of the COVID-19 virus and therefore may unintentionally transmit it to someone else. Because of this wearing a mask on arrival is required.Arrive no much more than 10 minutes prior to class time. We have actually scheduled at the very least 15 minutes between classes in bespeak to minimize waiting in the hallways and also person-to-person contact. If you arrive early wait in your automobile until secretary greets you in ~ the door. Throughout the 15 minutes before the start of class, the former door and inside doors will be propped open up to minimize call with the door handles. Doors will certainly be shut after that. Promptness is an essential to our arrival procedures.Proceed come secretary keeping suitable social distancing because that a touch much less temperature and symptoms check. If your temperature is above 100.4 you will certainly be inquiry to walk home. Secretary will save a day-to-day log. concerns for Symptom ChecksHave you had a fever in the last two weeks?Do you have a cough or breath problems?Have you been approximately anyone exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms (including but not limited to fever, chills, muscle pain, cough, loss of smell or taste) in the last 14 days?You will then be invited in the building and also should usage the hand sanitize station. Let dry 30 seconds.Inside the lobby you will certainly take off your street shoes location them in your plastic tote then proceed right into the studio placing her belonging by her spot in ~ the barre. Each dancer will have actually the same space at the barre and also in the center in which to work weekly.

Classroom procedures

Students and faculty have to remain at minimum six feet apart during class.At the finish of barre wipe down your space.Moving across the floor will certainly be 1 dancer in ~ a time and maintain 13-16 feet between sets.No direct floor job-related unless students lug their own towels or mats.No hands on corrections.Students will be enabled to walk to the toilet 1 at a time. Hand washing 20 seconds before entering the studio again.Hand sanitize before exiting the studio.When students room finished course for the work they should exit the building instantly where designated taking all belongings through them daily.Students will certainly be meant to wear challenge masking whenever they are inside the building. If students must take mask turn off for new air they will be permitted to step external the structure at anytime during class.

Facility Changes

The facility will be completely cleaned and also disinfected daily accordance to the CDC’s guidelines.All surfaces will be sanitized before and also after classes including props if used.Regularly disinfecting door handles, irradiate switches and other high touch surfaces.Keep a day-to-day record of as soon as cleaning and also disinfecting is done.Provide hand sanitizer at entrance and also exits of building..Close Dressing Rooms. Students must arrive totally dressed and also ready for class.Close waiting Rooms. A faculty or staff member will escort younger students out of the structure to a parent or caretaker waiting exterior or in car.Items left will be disposed that no “Lost and also Found”.Drinking fountains will certainly be closed.Kitchen will certainly be closed.Signage posted throughout to remind of safe distancing protocol.BathroomOne person at a time making use of the bathroom.Restrooms provide no-touch soap dispensers v antibacterial soap.Wash hands for 20 seconds upon leave the restrooms.

Faculty and also Staff

Teachers should wash hands before and also after each class.Faculty and Staff sanitize cabinet phones or sound systems after each class .Faculty and staff should wear face-masks or challenge shields.Faculty need to be in the studio prior to your group of student is welcomed right into the building.A mask will at first make it harder to breathe while teaching and your students may experience symptom of lightheadedness, dizziness, numbness or tingling, and shortness of breath. Please be aware of any dancer exhibiting distress and have them leave the studio and also move to a safe room in the hallway or exterior to recover.

Parent Guidelines

All parents have to sign the following Google document that states they have read these covid indict put into place for their safe go back to the studio.Until further an alert parents space not allowed into the building without an appointment. Parents have to drop turn off students in ~ Inwood Dance company entrance wait in the parking lot till your child has been temperature checked and welcomed into the building.Payment methodsSend a check in an envelope with your childCall for credit transaction card paymentNo cash transactionsDancewear Purchases can be make by appointment.Registration have the right to be taken by call or by appointment.

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By checking this crate you have actually read and understand the present procedures because that returning to class.


Task force on Dancer Health: go back to Dancing and Training Considerations as result of Covid-19

The dance Docs: Considerations for Reintegrating and also Returning into the run Studio