Gender expose Parties space a fun, new way to celebrate her baby’s comes arrival. If girlfriend are trying to find gender disclose ideas the pop and excite with color, then having a color powder explosion through Color Blaze shade Powder and Tannerite may be her answer! Two of our client recently hosted Gender Reveals the Go Boom and shared your photos and videos through us.

Pink shade Tannerite gender Reveals

Haylee has two guys – Cash(6) and also Carson (4). She says, ” I constantly wanted a girl however didn’t think mine husband might make one :)” when Haylee and also her husband discovered out castle were having a surprised baby castle both cried with shock and happiness.


Haylee wanted to save the sex that her infant a surprise however couldn’t hide her excitement and also shared through her husband the they were indeed having actually a girl! She says “The sex reveal party came about with the fact that mine husband LOVES shoot guns, so ns googled forever and also fell in love with the Tannerite and also chalk flour idea. Approximately here you couldn’t find any pink chalk, and you guys had actually the best choices and prices with the brightest Pink. So…On July 21, 2016 v 4lbs the tannerite & 10lbs the pink color powder, we announced our baby Girl Natalee to every our family and friends.”

Haylee created a Guns and also Glitter tannerite sex reveal theme and also decorated a crate that they put the color Powder and Tannerite in with the “Guns and also Glitter” saying and a tiny target.

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She had a darling table spread with every kinds the pink and also blue treats, including cookies shaped prefer guns and pink glittery cupcakes! Congratulations come Haylee and her family! us wish you all kinds the sugar and spice and also everything nice!

Blue Blast of color Powder v Tannerite

Stephen and also Desiree yes, really know just how to make points go boom!


Stephen and Desiree to be planning on shoot a balloon full of paint with a bow and also arrow for your Gender expose Party, but someone they knew used that idea simply the mainly before. Therefore they chose on an explode erupting v blue shade powder instead! We’re happy they did!

Stephen and Des are obtaining ready for their infant boy’s come in December! Congratulations!