Photo: UnsplashOne the the recent makeup trends in the beauty human being has to be fox eye makeup. Though comparable to cat eyes and also other winged eye looks, fox eye have end up being a trend of that is own, worn through celebrities choose Bella Hadid and also Kendall Jenner. Fox eye makeup consists of emphasizing the inner corners with eyeliner and eyeshadow, producing a sleek and also straight soup on the end and also blurring it all to remove any type of harsh lines. 

The look is additionally versatile depending on the way you want it come look — whether that means a longer wing, much more blurred present or exploring with various colours, it can be changed slightly because that anyone that learns how to perform fox eye makeup.

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As you hop top top the fox eye trend, here are two different fox eye assembly tutorials because that you to discover from.

Simple Fox Eye Makeup action by step by Hindash

1. Prime the eyelids

As with any kind of eye look, the an initial (and many important) action is to element and collection the eyelids. Use a concealer, preferably liquid, to prime the eyelids, and also then collection them through a flour of your choice. This will develop an also base and also ensure her look will remain perfect because that the entirety day.

2. Brown eyeshadow

The emphasis of fox eye assembly is ~ above the outer corner of the eye. So, the an initial step is to take it a irradiate brown and also apply it to the external corner, bringing that slightly right into the crease as well. Then, take it a darker brown and also build increase the external corner, expanding it outwards nearly like a wing.

3. Add in a lighter shade

Choose a shade the is contempt lighter than your skin. Apply it come the brow bone and the facility of the lid, adding dimension to the edge you have already applied. You have now much more or less produced the base for the look.

4. How to execute Fox Eye Eyeliner

The crucial to any type of successful fox eye watch is learning how to perform fox eye eyeliner. Utilizing a liquid black eyeliner, begin by tracing the heat of your lid, avoiding at about fifty percent or 3/4 that the way. Then, start extending the wing the end in a directly line, preserving a slim line. Your eyeliner have to look something choose this:

5. Lower lash line

Take some of your brown eyeshadow and, focusing on the outer corner again, construct it up, happen it slightly in under the lower lash line as well. If you’re blending and blurring, slightly blur the end of your eyeliner in one outward motion as well.

6. Inner corner

Take a black color pencil or eyeliner and create a tiny v in the inner corner, happen it the end slightly to resemble a fox’s eye.

7. Finishing touches

Top that off with some mascara, probably some fake eyelashes, and also you’re done v your fox eye look! her finished eye have to look something prefer this:

To reference Hindash’s look, examine out his video.

Easy Fox Eye Makeup motivated by Slashed Beauty

1. Prime and set eyelids

Like always, prime her eyelids with concealer and set with a translucent powder or a flour of her skin tone.

2. Producing the wing

Using a brown eyeshadow on one angled brush, start lining your lid from around halfway in. Together you bring the liner out, produce an angled wing, keeping it thin. Easy blur the line to do it much less harsh.

3. Including black

Dip right into a black eyeshadow and use it to line the brown, adding dimension to it. Mix the edge of that to enable the color to flow seamlessly together.

4. Crease, Lid and Inner Corner

Use a brown shade in your crease, making certain it does not overwhelm the various other colours. Take it a light shade to load on the center of your lid, adding an ext dimension. Finally, add a small v in the inner corner with a dark brown or black shade come imitate a fox’s eye. End up it off through mascara. Her finished look have to look something prefer this:


– If she worried around getting her wing exactly straight and also angled, usage a item of ice to guide the wing and also take it off at the end.

– Fox eyes lend themselves very well to fake eyelashes, especially if you concentration the bulk of the lashes on the external corner and then diminish them as you walk in. Some renowned fake eyelash brand include: Velour, Ardell, Lashify and Eylure.

– If you’re not comfortable or don’t want to undertake fake eyelashes, focus your mascara ~ above the external corners. Some famous mascaras include: Maybelline Rocket Lash, advantage Cosmetics Roller Lash, too Faced better Than Sex and also IT Cosmetics Superhero.

– Experiment with various eyeshadows and also eyeliners. As watched by these 2 fox eyeliner tutorials, fox eyes deserve to be done through eyeshadow for a wing or v eyeliner, therefore play roughly to see what looks finest on you!


1. What is fox eye makeup?

Fox eye makeup is the tendency of producing elongated, almond-shaped eyes the resemble those that a fox.

2. What can I use for a fox eye?

Fox eye are fairly simple — you just need concealer & powder, brown & black color eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara or fake eyelashes.

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3. Just how is fox eye different from cat eye?

Fox eye aim because that almond eyes by making use of a straighter wing, if cat eyes curve increase to produce a rounded effect. Additionally, fox eye are identified by the outer corner wing and the inner corner wing, while cat eye are simply the external portion.