Twitter threads let friend tell stories, re-superstructure information, and also start conversations with your audience. Here's just how to write a Twitter thread your followers will love.

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With over 190 million everyday users, Twitter is among the best social media platforms for creators looking to reach new people and also connect with their audience.

There’s just one big caveat: You need to say every little thing within a 280 character limit.

Unless, of course, you create a Twitter thread.

Twitter subject let users tell stories, share connected information, or ask a collection of questions. Excellent right, lock can help you start conversations, an increase engagement, and also make the many of Twitter for your little business.

And best of all? They’re basic to create.

Today, we’ll walk through just how you have the right to make a Twitter thread, plus 4 tips for developing a thread the your followers will certainly love. We’ll likewise share part real-world instances of mainly Twitter threads.

But first, what precisely is a Twitter thread?

What is a Twitter thread?

A Twitter thread, additionally called a tweetstorm, is a collection of linked tweets posted by one person.

Instead that confining your message to a 280-character tweet, you can use threads come tell a story or share info over the course of numerous tweets.

Twitter customers see “Show this thread” under every tweet in the series…

…so they have the right to click through and read the rest of the thread:

one of the ideal parts around Twitter threads is their versatility.

For example, you deserve to use a thread come share your expertise with rather in your niche, prefer John D Saunders walk after his virtual course fight $100k in sales.

In the thread, John defines how the pre-launched his course to validate his product idea and also gather feedback native his target audience.

(Want to follow John’s experienced advice? You can launch your own online course with Shot it for free with a 14-day trial.)

John’s thread allows his other creators find out from his suffer without having actually to click away from Twitter. That aboriginal content assisted John see solid engagement from various other Twitter users — and he’s no alone.

An experiment by Buffer, a social media administration platform, uncovered that Twitter subject receive much more impressions and also engagements than solitary tweets v a link. And also native content — like John’s thread — may be a huge reason why:

“How does your audience want to consume your content? execute they prefer getting all the info they want with your society media posts, or carry out they want to click on a link and be command to another page before they can find the information?

It depends on the content, however my hunch is many prefer the former.” — Alfred Lua, Product Marketing in ~ Buffer

You can likewise use Twitter threads come share crucial takeaways indigenous a item of content, climate drive website traffic to that content by adding a attach at the beginning and also end the the thread.

Here’s an example from Ryan Law, manager of Marketing at content marketing agency Animalz:

Ryan shared an company benchmark report by Animalz, however he didn’t just tweet out a link. Instead, he developed a thread come share five of his crucial takeaways native the report.

The thread lets Ryan’s followers get a quick synopsis that the report’s result without having to click through to read the totality thing.

And if their attention is piqued by the time they with the finish of the thread, lock can click on the handy link to the full report the Ryan includes in his last tweet, too.

together an added bonus, Ryan asks readers for their feedback and also questions, opened up one more opportunity to communicate with his audience. Win-win-win.

We’ll share much more Twitter thread examples later on. But first, let’s talk about another perk the Twitter threads: how easy they room to create.

Keep analysis to see for yourself.

just how to short article a object on Twitter

You deserve to use the Twitter desktop computer site, iOS app, or Android application to create a Twitter thread.

Many society media management platforms likewise support Twitter threads, letting you compose and also schedule tweet threads front of time.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to produce a Twitter thread through the desktop site. Let’s dive best in.

step 1: compose your first tweet

To create a tweet, click the blue “Tweet” switch at the bottom that the sidebar, or begin typing in the “What’s happening?” crate at the height of the page.


step 2: add your second tweet

Click the add to sign alongside “Tweet” to include another tweet.

write out your second tweet, climate click the plus sign again to include a third.


action 3: create out the rest of your tweets

follow the same measures to add new tweets because that the remainder of her thread. If you desire to include a photo or graphic to a tweet, click the photo icon:

Graphics room a an excellent way come grab your audience’s attention as they scroll with their Twitter feeds — and infographics occupational extra fine here. Infographics room liked and also shared on social media three times much more than any type of other kind of content.

(No graphic style skills? No problem. Examine out this overview to making social media graphics, no Photoshop required.)

To include a poll to your tweet, click the bar graph icon:

Polls are an easy method to obtain your followers’ opinions top top something. You deserve to ask them around their ache points or preferences with simply a pair of clicks.


step 4: Publish your Twitter thread

as soon as you’ve created your final tweet, double-check her thread for any type of typos. You can click on any tweet in the thread to modify it.

If you’re prepared to publish, click “Tweet all” to tweet out your entire thread in ~ once.

You can come earlier to a thread after that to tack on extr tweets, too. Simply navigate come the last tweet in your thread and click “Add an additional Tweet”:

and also just favor that, you have a Twitter object that’s prepared to it is in retweeted and also replied to by the masses.

Of course, to acquire those retweets, you should make your thread engaging. It is what our last section is every about.

4 tips for writing great Twitter threads

1. Hook readers v the first tweet

The first tweet of her thread is the one that world are most most likely to check out in your feeds and retweets. That a lot of like an email subject heat or headline: If it no grab people’s attention, lock won’t check out the rest of what you need to say.

That’s a many pressure to put on 280 characters or less.

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Here space some tips because that crafting an irresistible begin to her Twitter thread:

Don’t reveal every little thing at the beginning. Give readers a reason to click “See thread” for more.

Let people know the there’s more to see. Add the object emoji (