We all do it: fall.

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So just how do we autumn safely?

On stage, there space a pair of integral rule to remember.

Keep you center of heaviness low, and also fall ~ above the mushy bits. Don"t target to soil on something hard, prefer bones. Save your hand up, since wrists deserve to snap favor toothpicks. Be spacially aware. For example, don"t loss downstairs. Take a slight glance behind you, and really sell the fall. If you understand you have actually to loss onstage, take it a action behind you, plant her feet, and lower her behind. Roll on one side of your back, no your spine. Keep your neck tucked, and keep the inert going. That is not about speed, it is about control and momentum. End up the roll, and keep the flow.

If you gain injured for whatever reason, notify a phase manager, and get an ice pack. Most likely, the adrenaline will dull the initial pain.

Most importantly, get ago up!

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Featured Ten Duo Halloween Costume concepts

Whether that be v your boyfriend/girlfriend or finest friend, coming up v a group costume have the right to be hard.

Marlaina Francis
22 October


Let"s face it. We"ve all, in ~ one point or another, have actually struggled v finding a perfect group costume. I"ve come up v 10 duo costume ideas for halloween this year.

1. Angel and also devil. This one is nice basic. You may see this one almost everywhere on her Instagram feed as soon as you"re scrolling through your feeding the job after halloween. However it"s supervisor cute.

2. Cowboy fairies. Spoiler alert: mine my roommate and also I are going as this because that halloween this year. This one is at sight cute and also honestly less straightforward than the angel and also devil one. Plus, you deserve to dress her cat/dog up as one too. (If girlfriend shop top top Amazon).

3. Frat boys. If her girls, this would look perfect. All you and your ideal friend need to do is acquire Lululemon guy shorts, a white tank-top and also some flip flops and also a visor and flip the backwards and also refuse come wear a mask inside. And also boom, you men are frat boys.

4. The white t-shirt trend. I understand this one to be last year thing, but it would be cute. Grab a plain white short sleeve t-shirt and also write something through a irreversible marker that"s the contrary of what friend are. So, because that example, mine would say something along these lines: "I don"t usage VSCO come edit every one of my pictures." i beg your pardon is a lie because it"s the only app I usage to edit my photos.

5. Switch outfits. This one would certainly only work if it"s a boy and girl friendship. Or if you have a friend or girlfriend. It"s exactly what it sounds like. You move outfits. The young puts the girl"s outfit on. And the girl puts the boys outfit on. Straightforward as that. And even better, you don"t have to spend money on purchase a costume that you"d only wear once.

6. A black and white angel. This one kinda goes v the angel and devil one. But one is black. Acquire black angel wings, a black color dress, black color shoes, spray repaint a aur black. Cute and also easy to do.

7. Cops. I"ve seen this one everywhere TikTok recently. This one is supervisor cute. I would have gone as this through Halle this year. But, I already have mine cowboy fairy outfit choose out. Yet you can certainly go together this because that halloween. Halle and also I room doing this following year.

8. Pick me girl and also pick me boy. Choose me girl and also boys are still trending also though, they come up a long time ago. It would be really funny to check out someone execute this idea.

9. Vampires. If you"re a girl and also boy duo, you could go together Dracula and also a girl vampire. However this one is at sight basic, too. To it is in honest, I"m gonna force my friend to perform this one v me.

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10. Butterflies. Butterflies together super cute and also super cheap and easy to put together a costume. Plus, you can draw some wings as you"re eyeliner in different colored eyeliner. This one is a an excellent duo costume halloween idea.

Regardless, the what you pick to go as for halloween this year, psychic to it is in safe and have fun. Enjoy it while it lasts.