Look increase the “best phone number lookup service” ~ above Google and you’ll acquire recommended loads of various reverse call lookup sites. Every single website claims that their recommended service is the best, however that can’t perhaps be true. So, what’s the deal?

Almost all of these turning back phone lookup sites have been payment to promote a different lookup service. Presenting the full picture to you is no on the agenda. The content authors don’t also bother to usage the turning back phone lookup business to judge it ~ above its merits. That’s no to say that their references are bad, but they’re much from the best.

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It’s safe to to speak that, if you’re trying to find the best service on Google, you’re looking for the many bang for her buck. That’s why us went ahead and also used number of lookup solutions to recognize the best ones.

Top call Number Lookup by name Services:

How us Made the List

Here’s just how we compared all these reverse phone lookup services and decided i m sorry ones room worthy of the peak 5:

Quality that information: The most important thing is the high quality of the info you get from the service. It has to be top-notch in both its depth and also breadth.Accuracy the the data: information is useless if that inaccurate. The accuracy of a lookup business is no exception.Sources that the information: The data turned up by the lookup company should be at least a little an overwhelming to uncover through plain means. If friend can discover all the info on the very first page of a search engine, the lookup business isn’t worth paying for.Ease that use: The lookup company should market an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, both on its website and also mobile app (if available).Customer service: we rated every service based upon how friendly your customer service was, and also how many channels they have easily accessible to contact their assistance (cell phone, email, website, etc.). We additionally included how easy that is to cancel your subscription.Info on exactly how the data deserve to be used: The organization should tell you exactly how the data it’s creating for you have the right to be used, and, an ext importantly, just how it cannot be used. The last thing you desire is to obtain in trouble through the law.Customer reviews: Last, yet not least, the human being who usage the business should it is in satisfied v it.

10 ideal Phone Number Lookup Services

#1. Truthfinder: ideal Service to find Phone Number by Name


OverviewTruthfinder is a cell phone number lookup service. The nails every the metrics we’ve discussed above, and also the quality and also accuracy the the information created by this turning back phone lookup service is by far the best. It allows you look into public and some private databases. You have the right to search police records, operation background reports, look up polite judgments, and also much more.


Rich and also accurate reports, created within 10 minutesEasy to usage the website and mobile appsCan run unlimited searches when you’re a memberInform you how the data can and also cannot be usedCell phone number lookup membership can be purchased independently from the regular membershipCustomer assistance is really friendly and helpful


ExpensiveDon’t offer a complimentary reverse phone lookup trialPhone number lookup isn’t had in the consistent membership. You need to purchase it separatelySeparate $2 fee to download reports

HighlightsValue because that money: The ideal doesn’t come cheap, however if you will do it be to run a most searches every month, it’s more than worth the cost. Your membership prices $28 every month if you i ordered it to a solitary month. If you i ordered it for 2 months, it’ll expense you $23 per month. The cell phone number lookup business is sold separately at $5 per month. It’s also worth noting that they fee a separate $2 fees if you want to download a report.

Accuracy: You’ll acquire the most amount of info for every lookup, and also the information will be very accurate. Lock let girlfriend know how you have the right to use the information, and their customer service is very responsive and also helpful if girlfriend encounter any issues.

Ease that access: their website is very easy to use, and reports are produced within 10 minutes. They likewise have cell phone apps, therefore you have the right to run lookups ~ above the go. Lastly, lock have more than 60,000 5-star client reviews, for this reason you can be certain to obtain the ideal here.

#2. Immediate Checkmate: many Trustworthy


OverviewYou can use immediate Checkmate together a cheaper alternate to Truthfinder. If you want to operation a fast reverse call lookup or two, this is the finest service for you. They sell a cheap 5-day trial throughout which you have the right to run as many reverse phone call number searches as you like.

The website’s user interface is very easy to use, and they additionally have mobile apps. Moreover, they also administer you with plenty of info on how their generated information can be used.


Generates a lot of information from varied sourcesOffer a cheap trial for this reason you can test the out prior to committing, or in instance you simply want to operation a few lookupsEasy to usage website and appsInform friend on exactly how you can use the dataUnlimited lookups throughout the membership periodCustomer service is great, and it’s fairly easy to cancel your membership


Not really clear on how much an ext information will be included in their premium reports. The only method to know for details is to buy a premium report and also compare it come a constant report yourself.Don’t sell a complimentary reverse phone lookup trial period

HighlightsOne subscription for all her lookups: unequal Truthfinder, one membership will certainly cover every the different lookups. You can pick to look at by call number, email address, or name. However, you have to be conscious that the first two don’t yield as much information as the critical one.

The membership prices $35 if you pay monthly. They have actually a cheaper option obtainable for a quarterly membership at $28 per month. Together for the attempt period, their 5-day trial costs only $1.

Additional information: You likewise have the choice of to run a more in-depth “premium” report, costing $20 because that each report generated. Favor Truthfinder, yes a $2 fee on every downloadable report girlfriend generate.

Thorough reports: once you search for someone, it’ll provide you a list of their social media pages, your arrest history (if they have actually one), whether the human is a sex offender, phone number(s), email addresses, present and also past address(es), your birthdate and age, whether they’re single or married, and also more. That’s fairly a lot of information already.

#3. Intelius: best for deal with Details

OverviewIntelius is a slightly cheaper different to the other top reverse phone lookup solutions on this list. Together expected, the quality of the information won’t it is in the same. Based on our usage, your accuracy v reverse phone call lookup wasn’t an extremely reliable.

That being said, their membership will certainly still let you run limitless searches, and also their regular reports come up through a lot of of info on your own. One curious thing below is the they have a many of surprise charges, and if she not careful your card have the right to be charged there is no you knowing. We extremely recommend reading the fine print here.


More affordable 보다 Truthfinder or immediate Checkmate (basic membership)Detailed reports, including work and also educational history


Not the most reliable informationReports with simple membership contain much less information.Sneaky pricing practices.Customer reviews no stellarTrial duration comes v a cancellation fee

HighlightsAffordability with little to no compromise: their Premier subscription costs $25 per month, when the Premier to add subscription is accessible for $30 per month. The difference is in how detailed the reports come the end to be.

Based on our usage, the reports had plenty of information on both packages. However, as mentioned earlier, they no as detailed as those produced by Truthfinder or immediate Checkmate. Still, if you can not afford the first two options, this is the next best one.

Trial fees: They sell a trial duration for $0.95, but this is whereby their sneaky pricing techniques come in. If you cancel the trial period within 7 days, you obtain charged $8. If you nothing cancel it, you will do it get immediately signed up for the Premier Plus member after 7 days. If you desire a hassle-free trial, use prompt Checkmate instead.

Acceptable customer support: As far as their customer company goes, it’s nothing to write house about. Their subscription is easy enough to publication online, and they carry out respond to queries with phone and email.

#4. United state Search: trusted Brand

OverviewUS find has similar pricing as Intelius but is absent some crucial features. This reverse phone lookup company pulls information from social media, windy records, criminal records, and more. You don’t require a member to run a search, but you’ll should pay because that individual reports.

While the data it generates is quite detailed, it doesn’t cover contact information. Another downside is that it’s not good at identify relationships. Most of the time, it mirrors relationships with civilization that the person has actually no connection to at all.

If you want contact info, you’ll have to shell out extra because that a premium report. The organization lets you find by name, address, phone call number, and also email address.


No membership compelled to search; you can just pay because that individual reportsPlenty of information in the reportsFree report downloads and also printingWebsite interface is easy to use


Not transparent about how the data have the right to be used; yes sir very tiny info around data usage included on their website, and also it’s not practically enough.No mobile appNo totally free trialBad client reviews

HighlightsNo extr fees on report downloads: us search expenses $20 per month or $50 per quarter, which, as we mentioned earlier, is similar to Intelius. Curiously, they don’t fee you because that a downloadable and also printable report, favor the previous options.

No recommendations on the consumption of the info you received: We also noticed the the service doesn’t call you just how the information have the right to be used. If girlfriend look top top the site, there space only short details in the well print, however detailed info is nowhere to be discovered on their website.

Bad client support: Lastly, your customer support is terrible. Customer reviews for united state Search are much less than stellar, and also most civilization emphasize just how the customer business is practically non-existent.

#5. PeopleFinders

OverviewLike us Search, PeopleFinders doesn’t call for membership because that you to be able to run searches. All you have to do is entry the who details, pay because that the report, and also download it.

Once you acquisition their membership, you deserve to run endless searches. There’s lot of of details in the reports, including their name and address, information on properties/foreclosures/evictions, the who relations, and even your criminal records. Interesting way though, over there is no society media info included.


Easy come use user interface on their websiteAndroid application availableDoesn’t call for a membership to operation searches


No app easily accessible for iOS devicesNo alternative to operation a search for society mediaTrial period has a cancellation fee

HighlightsCharges and fees: If you desire to shot their business out, yes sir a 3-day trial obtainable for $3. After ~ 3 days, you’ll automatically get charged $30 for the monthly membership, and canceling the trial throughout the trial duration will cost you $8.

Sleek design: your website is intuitive and also easy come use. The service can come up through a lot of info for her searches. If you need social media information to be included, though, you could want to look elsewhere.

Professional client support: client reviews show that their customer service is stellar. They’re very responsive and also helpful, and they’ve listed several networks through which you have the right to reach them, including phone, email, and even letters.

#6. PeopleLooker

OverviewAlthough it requires a membership subscription to run unlimited searches, PeopleLooker gives you accessibility to all the public documents of a person. You can search by name, city or state, phone call number, address, or email deal with to operation a background examine on anyone. The reports include name and also address, society media, asset information, relations, education history, criminal record, marital history, traffic offenses, and many more. Your reports are an extremely reliable and also precise.


Extremely simple to use4-way search to make finding who easierAvailable on almost all influential platformsVery detailedModern user interface


Reports have the right to take long to generatePoor reviews

HighlightsPricing: The monthly subscription costs $23, however you can try it for as low together $1 because that 5 days v their attempt subscription. The subscription covers all the ideal features, so girlfriend won’t should pay extra because that anything else.

Detail: The amount of detail readily available by PeopleLooker is excellent. However, it just searches windy records and also doesn’t have accessibility to any kind of private databases. The accuracy and also detail of information is additionally pretty good.

Advanced features: except the usual lookup features, this site supplies other, much more advanced features as well. For example, the information removal feature is nice since it permits you to remove false or misleading information around you.

Bad reviews: PeopleLooker has received a lot of bad reviews native its customers, mostly due to the fact that of the moment it take away to create reports.

#7. BeenVerified

OverviewTrusted by numerous users for being more than a human being search, BeenVerified is most popular for the selection of the lookups. Friend can even search because that a vehicle’s information or unclaimed money.

The searching an approach and user interface are comparable to those the PeopleLooker, and also the website is modern-looking. Moreover, the public records it sifts v to acquire you information on one individual, property, vehicle, or unclaimed cash are immense and detailed by big public records providers.


Modern design6-way searchWide variety of recordsBoth Android and iOS apps availableDetails about the usage of dataExcellent client support


SlowMight not be as precise at times

HighlightsPricing: The monthly subscription for BeenVerified prices the very same as a PeopleLooker subscription, which is $23 every month. Moreover, their $1 psychological membership allows you have unlimited access to every the functions for a week.

Variety: As discussed above, the site offers a selection of data the can’t be discovered on countless reverse phone lookup sites. These incorporate anything from contact info and social media to finding distant relatives or friends, to automobile ownership, court records, and an individual information. You can even discover information about a person’s next-door neighbors using BeenVerified.

Guidance: BeenVerified is filled with thorough advice on how to and also how not to usage the data you uncover using the service. They additionally give you finish details that the origins and sources the the documents they present you.

#8. GoodHire

OverviewThe go-to lift check organization for employers, GoodHire is an extremely fast and accurate when it comes to running background check on anyone. The company is commonly for labor recruiting brand-new people or candidates who are trying to watch what type of info their potential employers have the right to see about them.

The dynamic pricing based on what you need and the accuracy that the data provides it a great tool for anyone who wants to run a background inspect on someone.


Uses copious resources to operation background checksHighly professional serviceAccurate


Costly.Overestimated shipment timesNo cell phone apps

HighlightsDynamic plans: uneven the monthly subscriptions of many of the services on this list, GoodHire uses various kinds the plans, which differ in price based upon the features they offer. There are three plans: Basic, Standard, and also Premium. Together with a one-time setup fees of $50, the packages price $30, $55, and also $80 per background check.

Speed: The required time for an easy checks is 1-3 business days, and sometimes longer if you use conventional or premium plans, yet usually the delivery times are far quicker without it affect the accuracy. Don’t let the overestimated shipment times put 2nd thoughts in your mind.

Large variety of elevator checks: GoodHire operation background checks in numerous industries, including criminal lift checks, employment and also education verification checks, credit transaction checks, driving record checks, and international elevator checks.

#9. RentPrep

OverviewSimilar come GoodHire when it comes to FCRA compliance, RentPrep is a organization that lets civilization run a background examine on tenants and also overall renders the tenant screening process more straightforward.

The varieties of elevator checks include rental lift checks, credit transaction checks, earnings verification, and more. The eviction, sex offense, and bankruptcy background checks cover the whole United States, which provides it a very dependable function for that sort of information.


Every report is tackled by a trained professional, making that accurate and also reliableReports are delivered very fastPricing is dynamic and affordable


Few features are only obtainable as extra purchase (add-ons) even if girlfriend buy the full packageInformation provided about a person’s revenue is an extremely scarceExtra dues for credit transaction informationNo cell phone apps

HighlightsAffordable packages: your packages (two in total) are designed come be very affordable. The simple package starts at simply $19 and also covers SSN verification, nationwide evictions, bankruptcies, and also judgments and liens. It additionally comes with an choice to purchase additional information choose criminal records, earnings verification, and also CDR. The FullMove package starts in ~ $38 and covers practically everything, with small left to purchase as extras.

Good information: regardless of having to attend to judicial limitations on the local data sources, RentPrep gives its users with high quality information. Countless landlords depend on this data to do their last decision top top a tenant.

Easy-to-use service: The it is registered procedure is very basic and doesn’t need a many time. After signing up, you have the right to purchase one of two people of the 2 packages and order her report. As a result, RentPrep functions as a hassle-free solution for landlords and also property managers.

#10. PeopleSmart

OverviewThe last service on our perform is slightly various from the peak ones in that it offers slightly less info but likewise costs less. PeopleSmart is design to assist sales professionals affix with potential clients.

However, the contact information it can discover out is an extremely much usable by everyone looking to perform a turning back phone lookup. You can search through name, phone, email, LinkedIn, and also even company and project title.


Information is ranked, based on the confidence of the dataOption to save searches for laterNotifications for any changes in the documents that you accessedReports are arranged in a neat, orderly mannerUser dashboard provides accessing every feature and saved information just a click/tap away


Leaves out some of the important aspects of lift checks, e.g. Criminal recordsUsually returns much more than one an outcome for a query, out of i beg your pardon you need to pick the appropriate oneNo mobile appInformation no up-to-date (however, this hardly ever occurs)

HighlightsBetter value: The data spanned in PeopleSmart reports are the most essential and should be enough to offer you ample information on a person. Linked with the pricing to plan of PeopleSmart, it becomes a great option for civilization looking come run an easy background checks.

The typical monthly subscription because that PeopleSmart is $30 + tax. They also have a 1-week trial because that $1, which automatically subscribes you to the monthly memberships when it’s over uneven you cancel the beforehand.

User friendly: The website, back designed for sales professionals, is really easy come navigate and an easy to use, therefore anyone can make use of it without much difficulty. Moreover, you deserve to save the reports for later on to conserve yourself the trouble of having to re-run castle every time.

No extra charges: The info covered in the reports is plainly stated beforehand, and also there room no extra charges because that extra information. They additionally never ask friend for extr fees the weren’t stated at the start.

Buying guide

Reverse phone call number lookups have become a very popular method of elevator checks due to the fact that the digitization the public and private records. Together a result, you have the right to find plenty of services supplying to run these lookups because that you for a certain price. This makes it crucial to understand some vital factors before deciding ~ above using among these services.

Things to Consider prior to Purchasing a Service

There are particular things you need to keep in mind before making a purchase. Except the ones discussed at the start of this guide, you should keep the following in mind:

Type the information: very first and foremost, you need to understand what type of details you need. Over there are solutions for employers, landlords, and also general usage. Choose one depending upon what you require from the information.Quality, accuracy, and also time that takes to administer data: it goes without saying the the high quality of data, that is accuracy, and how long the organization takes to deliver it make a many of distinction when deciding ~ above a call number lookup service.Number of searches you plan to run: Some services are appropriate if friend only have to run a couple of searches a month, while others can be great if your searches room in the hundreds.Hidden charges and also cancellation fees: part services have actually hidden fees, subscriptions, and even psychological cancellation fees amongst them. You can tell a lot about a service based on how straightforward it is to cancel your subscription.Customer support: Most civilization often ignore looking at the customer support team, however, the quality of customer organization can do or break a that company reputation.Legal information: together with the info the service provides once you look who up, it’s essential that you understand the moral usage and legal elements of accessing that information. If you’re not acquainted with those aspects, subscribe because that a business that thoroughly details you on the usage of that is information.

Benefits of reverse Phone Lookup Services

There can be many benefits of reverse phone lookup services relying on your needs, but generally they have the right to be beneficial to everyone looking to safeguard themselves by finding out much more about a person.

Side results of phone call Number Lookup Services

Cell phone call number lookups have the right to be used for harmful purposes, just as they have the right to be offered for the aforementioned an excellent purposes. Beware that the following side results of call number lookup services:

Unwanted calls/emails/texts etc.: civilization can, and do, usage number lookup services to annoy, prank, or sometimes also stalk a person.Scamming and also fraud: through the details that deserve to be availed with these services, prefer name, resolve history, age, etc., people can commit scams and fraud.Potential exposure to human being looking because that you: one more danger of together services deserve to be that, if someone is looking for you, lock will have actually ample information about you with the usage of these services.Keeping in mind that some supplies of these solutions are illegal, yet using castle in accordance through the Fair credit Reporting plot will save you on the best side of the law. Back the side impacts of these services are mostly illegal and unethical, friend should always be mindful of them.

FAQs around Phone Number Lookup Services

Q. Is turning back Phone Lookup Safe?As pointed out earlier, the safety and security of reverse phone lookups counts on usage. Mostly, services take preventive actions to save their consumers safe and also avoid any misuse.

Q. Are Reverse phone Lookups Legal?As per Fair credit Reporting Act, they’re legal as long as friend don’t use them to make decisions about employment, admission, insurance, tenant screening, etc. (GoodHire and also RentPrep room exceptions because they have FCRA-certified personnel to make sure of compliance). Make sure not come misuse the details you gain from turning back phone lookups and also you should be good to go.

Q. Is turning back Phone Lookup Accurate?For the many part, it depends on the turning back phone lookup company you’re using to look up a cell phone number. There room reverse phone lookup platforms the are very diligent toward the accuracy of their information. Through a devoted staff to save the data up-to-date, such services usually provide the most accurate information.

Q. Does turning back Phone Lookup Work?Although there space “services” that insurance claim to it is in free, many of them room not useful. Yet if you’re utilizing the right service, reverse phone lookups work like a charm. So, simply make certain to pick the right service for her needs and you won’t have anything come complain about.

Q. How have the right to I Use complimentary Reverse phone call Lookup Services?The services that administer reverse phone lookups collect data from plenty of sources, conserving you the trouble of act so, and make that easily accessible in a single place. Save in mind the you are paying for this convenience and also not the data chin (which is greatly public records). Totally free reverse phone call number services are usually scams and also don’t carry out true information. Authentic services can administer information accumulated from personal data resources while taking care of the legal aspects of feather up together data.

Concluding Thoughts about Reverse call Lookup Sites

We hope our overview on the ideal reverse call lookup services will assist you choose just the appropriate one for her needs. However, we personally imply you go for Truthfinder, together we uncovered it to be the finest service every around.

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