Your Slack workspace keeps you linked to your team, and chances space pretty good it’s your go-to communication platform because that updates. But have you taken into consideration using it for polls?

Polls are a valuable method to check in on every little thing from the team’s progress to employees’ feelings around the office culture. They can likewise facilitate the exchange of ideas among your team.

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Slack is an ideal place come share those polls.

While over there isn’t a specific Slack vote option, there space a few ways to create or re-publishing a poll on this platform. You have the right to use emoji reactions because that a basic poll, or for something an ext complex, you can use a polling app or form builder. Review on for much more details on how to usage each of these options.

Emoji polls

Emoji polls in Slack are quick and also informal, yet they only job-related for single-question polls. To develop one, you’ll have to come up v your poll question and also create any type of responses you want your team come use. Assign each solution a various emoji, climate send your message.

Thanks to Slack’s capacity to tally emoji reaction to her message, you can tell in ~ a glance which solution is much more popular.

Emoji polls have actually a few downsides. They aren’t anonymous, and team members deserve to only usage the answer options you’ve provided. Because that more complicated polls, the following two alternatives may be a much better choice.

* NY Senate poll Template

Implementing polls through Slack

Slack is already a powerful communication communication that have the right to keep you and your team connected. By adding polls to its functionality, you’ll be able to facilitate vital conversations and gather feedback that can help you make important decisions — both huge and tiny — for your business.

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This post is initially published on january 06, 2021, and also updated ~ above Mar 08, 2021.