Do you want to quickly convert a Live photograph to video? when you re-publishing a Live Photo, the computer animation is regularly lost. That’s why it’s crucial to transform to video clip first. In this article, you’ll find how to transform your Live Photos to videos using the Lively app. Climate you’ll learn just how to share these videos right from the picture app!


While the app is free to download, a “Lively” watermark shows up in the lower right edge of saved GIFs. A one-time purchase of $2.99 is forced to remove the watermark from all GIFs.

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Note the the watermark is not applied to video files.

2.1 modify A Live photo In Lively

To create a Live photo video, tap on one of your Live image in the vivid app. Then select Movie at the top of the screen. Currently you’ll watch the three-second Live photograph playing together a video clip on repeat.


You deserve to make a couple of minor adjustments come the video clip before you conserve it. Close to the bottom is the video’s progress reel. You can adjust the length of the video by dragging the start or end bars.


You can additionally save Live photograph as a video clip with or without sound. Tapping on the video turns the sound on and also off. Additionally, the Sound symbol is shown in the bottom left edge of the video. Make sure you have your preferred sound setting before girlfriend export her video.


2.2 exactly how To save Live picture As video clip In Lively

Once you’ve finished modifying your video, insanity Export Movie in ~ the bottom the the screen.

You’ll see several options for saving and also sharing. You can share your video clip via iMessage, email, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. However, you’ll require to connect your iphone to these accounts prior to you deserve to share photos through them.

Along the bottom are the alternatives to Save, Copy, and Share.

To save your brand-new video, simply tap the Save icon in the bottom left. The video clip will now be conserved in your Photos app.


To clock the video, simply choose it in the photos app and also tap the play button.


2.3 What’s The Difference in between Videos and GIFs?

You may have actually noticed that Lively additionally has the alternative to conserve a Live photograph as a GIF. What is a GIF? A GIF is a short computer animation that dram on a continuous loop.


GIFs have lower resolution than consistent videos, and also they show jerky and unsteady footage. Also, GIFs don’t save with sound. Plus, girlfriend can’t constantly share GIFs on social media platforms.

Therefore, i recommend conserving your Live picture as video files. The way, you’ll have an ext sharing options. Plus, your Live picture videos will certainly be higher quality.

Section 3: transform Live Photos come Loop and Bounce Videos

If you don’t want to use Lively to transform your Live Photos come videos, don’t worry. There’s another method to carry out this.

You just need to use Loop and Bounce effects. These are built right into the photos app!

What room Loop and also Bounce effects?

Since iOS 11, the Live Photos function has offered two new video effects. Loop makes a Live photo play over and over. Bounce provides a Live photograph play forward and also backward. The Loop and Bounce results each produce a constant video.


To develop a Loop or Bounce effect, select a Live picture in the image app.

Swipe up, and you’ll see the Loop and also Bounce options. Tap ~ above the effect you want. The will automatically be applied to your Live Photo.

When you convert a Live photograph to a Loop or Bounce video, it’s automatically saved in the man album.


However, there’s one significant drawback: Loop and Bounce videos don’t have actually sound.

Yet there’s no should worry about choosing an result you don’t like. You deserve to always change the result afterward.

How perform you perform this?

First, select the Loop or Bounce video. Climate swipe up to accessibility the results menu. Choose a brand-new effect, or tap Live to remove the result entirely. That’s all!

If you’re looking to quickly create fun videos through your Live Photos, look at no additional than the Loop and also Bounce effects.

Section 4: just how To Share her Live photograph Content

Once you’ve produced a Live Photo, a Live Photo video clip in Lively, or a Loop/Bounce video, you have the right to share it through others.

Go to your Photos app and also find your content. Open up it. Climate tap the Share symbol in the bottom left corner.


The sharing food selection will open up as displayed below.


This offers you numerous options, i beg your pardon I’ll describe below.

4.1 re-publishing Live picture Content Via AirDrop

One way to share her Live photo content with others is through AirDrop. Keep in mind that girlfriend can’t usage AirDrop to send media to Android customers or pc users. AirDrop only transfers media between iPhone, iPad, and Mac users.

What have the right to you share via AirDrop?

You can re-superstructure a Live picture video. To perform this, tap AirDrop, then tap the machine you desire to send the video to.


If the user doesn’t obtain the video, make sure they are collection up to receive files through AirDrop. To inspect this, have them insanity Settings. Have them choose General, then AirDrop.

Make certain they pick to obtain AirDrop records from contact (or everyone).


You cannot share a Loop or Bounce video clip via AirDrop to a Mac computer. If girlfriend share a Loop or Bounce video clip via AirDrop come a Mac computer, it’s moved as a normal video file. This way that the recipient will not be able to view it continuously—the video will avoid after three seconds.

If friend share a Loop video, viewers will view this:

If girlfriend share a Bounce video, viewers will check out this:

However, girlfriend can share the initial Loop or Bounce video clip via AirDrop to another iPhone user.

Finally, you cannot re-publishing a Live photograph via AirDrop come a Mac computer. It will certainly be moved as a tho image. However, you can share a Live photo via AirDrop to one more iPhone or iPad user. Monitor the same process for share a Live photo video.

4.2 share Live photo Content In A Text article Or iMessage

You can likewise share Live photograph content v a text blog post or iMessage.

What deserve to you share?

First, you can share a Live photograph video in a text article or iMessage.

You can also send a Loop or Bounce video via iMessage to an iphone phone or iPad user. However, girlfriend cannot send a Loop or Bounce video via text blog post to a non-iPhone user.

Finally, girlfriend can send a Live picture via iMessage to an iphone phone or iPad user. But you cannot send a Live photo via text article to a non-iPhone or iPad user.

How carry out you send Live picture content in a text message or iMessage?

Tap top top the Message icon, and add a recipient. Climate tap the blue arrow to send the message.


4.3 re-publishing Live picture Content Via Email

You deserve to share Live picture content via email. What does this mean?

First, girlfriend can share a Live Photo video clip via email.

To re-superstructure a video clip via email, madness your email icon. Include a recipient and also compose a message. Climate send the email!


Note: If an e-mail icon isn’t present, role to the right. Tap the More icon and also select the email icon. Climate tap Done.


(The same process works for other apps, consisting of Facebook and also Instagram.)

You cannot send a Live photo by email. If you send a Live picture as an email attachment, the gets sent out as an simple photo. The recipient will only see a tho image, and they won’t be able to view the relocating version of her Live Photo.

What about sending a Loop or Bounce video in one email? It will be sent out as a low-quality GIF. The resolution will not be as an excellent as the is on her iPhone. Therefore, it’s best to stop this option.

4.4 share Live picture Content Via iCloud photograph Sharing

Do girlfriend have any albums shared through iCloud picture Sharing? If so, you have the right to share Live picture content v these albums.

What content deserve to you share?

First, you can share a Live Photo video with mutual albums. You have the right to also share Loop and Bounce videos with shared albums. The exact same is true for initial Live Photos.

In the share menu, select Add To shared Album.


Write a comment if you wish. Then tap shared Album to choose the album you desire to add the video to. Insanity Post come share the video clip to the album.


4.5 re-superstructure Live picture Content ~ above Facebook

What Live photo content have the right to you share on Facebook?

First, you can re-publishing a Live Photo video on Facebook. Friend can also share Loop and Bounce videos on Facebook.

What about sharing Live Photos straight to Facebook?

Facebook enables you to share Live Photos, yet they only show up animated as soon as viewed on an iphone or iPad. If you’re making use of Facebook on any type of other an equipment (e.g., computers, Android phones), the Live photograph will show up as a quiet image.

Do you desire every user to watch the computer animation on Facebook? climate you’ll need to transform your Live photo to video.

To share your content on Facebook, open the sharing menu. Look because that the Facebook icon in the sharing options. If you don’t view it, scroll right and also select More, climate select  Facebook.


Write a caption if friend wish, climate tap Next. Select where you want to re-publishing the video clip to, climate tap Share.


4.6 re-superstructure Live picture Content on Instagram

You deserve to share Live Photos, Live photo videos, and Loop/Bounce videos ~ above Instagram.

However, you have the right to only share lock as stories or via a direct message.

Stories room photos and videos that show up at the top of your followers’ Instagram feeds. Lock vanish ~ 24 hours. Direct messages are private messages sent to certain Instagram users.

Why can you just share Live picture content as story or direct messages?

Live Photos room converted come still images when posted to your Instagram feed. And Live photograph videos, and also Loop/Bounce videos, cannot be post to her Instagram feed. Videos shared to your Instagram feed must be at the very least three seconds long. Unfortunately, Live photograph videos and also Loop/Bounce videos space slightly shorter.

What if you want to share your contents as a Story or a direct message?

Note: her Live photo content must have actually been bring away fewer 보다 24 hours back to share together an Instagram Story.

To share Live photograph content top top Instagram:

Open the Instagram app and also tap Your Story.


A camera will spring into view. Madness the image thumbnail at the bottom appropriate to open up your photograph library.


Select the Live photograph that you want to share.

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Then push on the image. Keep pushing until you see words “Boomerang” flash up on the screen. (This ensures your Live Photo shows up as a relocating image.)


To share her Live photograph content as a Story, insanity Your Story at the bottom that the screen. Once you’ve done this, users will have the ability to view the Live photo content in ~ the peak of their Instagram feed.


To send her Live photo content to customers as a direct message, tap Send To. Pick the customers you desire to share your Live picture content with, and also you’re done!