The genocide course is much faster in regards to earning trophies, yet it"s going to it is in a lot harder to finish to the end. Over there are results that take place if you finish a genocide route that influence all future pacifist courses until friend manually delete your save data, therefore this is finest suited for world who have currently seen the pacifist ending. This operation is written with the presumption that you"ve finished the pacifist or neutral route.

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If you remember how the game starts v Flowey, view what wake up if you decide no to accept his tiny friendliness pellets. You"re the end for blood, remember that. Once you hit the dummy, do every little thing you feeling like, however it"d be a great idea to get used come attacking. The an initial Froggit girlfriend encounter have the right to be eliminated in one struggle if you correctly time your attack so it hits the center of the attack reticle. If not, no big deal. Proceed through the damages until Toriel allows you go on by yourself, climate camp out at the save suggest and choose up the liquid to the north if you"d prefer the heal items.

Save in ~ the leaf pile save suggest and walk approximately in this room until you kill 20 adversaries total; you"ll know when friend hit the amount. As you kill much more monsters, your EXP and also LOVE will increase, do it easier to death them faster. Whimsun space the easiest things to kill, for this reason you"ll hit 20 kills quicker if you occur to run into much more of them. As soon as you"ve killed the 20, you"ll now find that your stats have actually a kill respond to in them.

The ruins will be almost entirely empty. Continue through the 3 colored button puzzle and, prior to you with Toriel"s house, proceed right to discover the toy knife. This will boost your assault power. Sleep in the bed in Toriel"s residence for her part of pie and also confront her at the door leading outside. Begin by attacking her and then leave in the direction of Snowdin.

Snowdin Forest

After your first interaction through Sans and also Papyrus, you have to soon discover that every one of the puzzle-solving leading as much as Snowdin has been reduced out. There"s no require for puzzles as soon as you desire to murder whatever you can. Take the hard glove native the storage box and also equip it because that +2 much more ATK indigenous the toy knife. When using the difficult glove, push

4 times ~ landing the strike so you have the right to actually deal damage. You have the right to start functioning on the 16 adversaries you need to kill in this area right below from the room with the storage box in it.

Note: Snowdrake must be eliminated in stimulate to continue the genocide playthrough. If you run into Lesser Dog, it needs to be killed as well.

When you with Doggo"s outpost, he"ll begin to snap for some reason. Killing him is mandatory. Up following is the first patch of ice you"re may be to on slide on, and also to the north is a snowman. Take it as much of him along with you because that healing items as you like. When encountering Dogamy and also Dogaressa, kill Dogaressa first; this is due to the fact that doing so will certainly make Dogamy weaker, and also killing Dogamy very first will make Dogaressa tougher.

All the the puzzles are deactivated or have the right to be ignored. Glyde can be encountered if you find him before facing Papyrus (and if girlfriend still have some adversaries left come fight), but it takes much longer to do him show up in his room as soon as you have more kills. You"d probably need to keep relocating in the room for a an excellent half hour. It"s no really worth the trouble due to the fact that you don"t need to kill that anyway. Friend do have to kill the greater Dog, i beg your pardon is simply past Glyde. Shot to plunder up your standard adversary kills prior to entering Snowdin Town.

The shop owner in Snowdin town will not be existing if you"ve finished your 16 kills. You have the right to steal the money and also as plenty of of her items as you"d like prior to looking around; make sure to definitely pick up the manly bandanna, then fill up the remainder of your inventory and also the warehouse box through healing items together a backup.

Note: friend must end up your 16 kills before fighting Papyrus, or the run reverts earlier to a neutral playthrough.

Papyrus is an easy encounter, come say the really least.


Waterfall"s kill counter you need to reach is 18, which you deserve to still check at conserve points. The rocks will not autumn from the waterfall the they usually autumn from, for this reason it"ll be basic to obtain through the water and also pick up the old tutu for +3 an ext defense from the manly bandanna. Shyren need to be eliminated here. You should have the ability to start killing when you with the 2nd room v bridge flowers, but you should host off until after Shyren instantly encounters you near the piano that opens up up the path to the entirety dog residue ordeal.

After falling off a bridge towards the dump, you"ll uncover the dog shrine"s donation box. You"ll be able to earn those trophies here if you haven"t already, and also doing so have to be easy, especially if you stole from the Snowdin city shop. Kill the dummy when you with it.

Gerson is willing to offer to you and also talk come you because he to know you can"t kill him from the shop menu. Shot to complete your 18 kills in the area you need to light up v mushrooms and also lamps, climate backtrack to a save point and conserve to regain your wellness - and to make certain you don"t need to kill any more enemies again if you shed to Undyne.

Undyne is much tougher right here than during the pacifist route due to her impressive determination to defend everyone. Her attacks are wild native the start and also deal a nice scary amount of damage. You ought to use

because that this hit for more control, and also remember that exercise makes perfect. Her assaults she does as soon as your spirit is red are usually the many devastating, especially the circling spear ones.

When you eventually get through Undyne"s health, she"ll tell you some information that spells out imminent doom because that you.


There space 40 monster you must kill in Hotland. This is a an extremely slow grind in Hotland"s key area, so it might be worth it come leave most of the grind because that the CORE. You must eventually discover the two imperial guards, both of i beg your pardon are conveniently killable (and have to be killed). The elevator can reach almost all floors instantly, so go ahead and also ride it to the top. So i m really sorry cannot it is in encountered ~ above the genocide route.

Muffet deserve to be eliminated instantly. Catty and also Bratty aren"t at their shop, which method you have the right to take from them as well. You don"t really require money, but they do have actually some you can take. They have actually a brand-new weapon and also armor that you deserve to take also (not the you need them for Hotland). Burgerpants will be at his job if you"d like to buy indigenous him. The steaks in the shape of Mettaton"s challenge is your best selection because it heals 60HP, v your 2nd best choice being the legend hero (a sandwich in the form of a sword). You"re definitely going to want as much of these as possible.

The main point has much more enemies every battle and has scripted battles versus seven total enemies top top the north path. Finish your kills and also take the elevator in ~ the start of the area to acquire to Mettaton"s room instantly. Taking him out calls for no new information, similar to most boss encounters for this reason far.


When you arrive at Asgore"s house, take it the locket and a actual knife from presents in among the bedrooms (the best weapon and armor in the game), climate take the keys and also unlock the chain. You must now it is in Lv19. Trek through the castle until you with the critical Corridor and also face her judgment. Make sure you"re utilizing the brand-new gear and also have your food from Burgerpants in your inventory, then conserve your game.

Sans will certainly judge you once again, but it won"t take together long. Being the violent human being the fallen human being is, it"ll it is in time come fight Sans. Sans only has actually 1 ATK and 1 DEF, and also is the easiest enemy. He can only deal 1 damage. There"s no information anyone can give ~ above this fight the would assist you get through that aside from two simple, evident things:

Good luck.Practice renders perfect.

There room videos of human being performing a perfect battle against Sans in i beg your pardon they take it no damage, and also there can be an virtual practicing program to assist you as well.

Throne Room

The finishing to the genocide route will play the end without any more battling on your part after beating Sans. If girlfriend really, really, really are having actually a poor time trying come beat Sans, ns guess you can look up exactly how it goes because that yourself, yet that"s no fun.

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