Description: The 540 absent is a jumping and also spinning within crescent or hook kick that plagues most trickster’s lives. It take it me end one year to find out this trick, and I’m no the only victim to the harsh the a discovering curve. Hypothetically, you’re supposed to turn 540 levels in the air. Realistically, nobody cares.

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Just prefer with the tornado kick, ns recommend structure up a basic of inside kicking. And also just favor with the tornado again, it’s your choice whether friend go through inside crescent kicks or ring kicks. Martial artists seem to favor round kicks. I prefer inside crescent kicks simply because it renders martial artist mad, and being a rebel makes me feeling special.

Slide by slide breakdown

The 540 is the takeoff. The 540 is the takeoff. Good take turn off = good things. Poor takeoff = poor things. Just as with every trick it seems, my weight and momentum start on one side ready to be change to the other.

Here us go. This is what blocking is all about and is a large concept in every trick, but especially something like the 540. Not just do i want elevation for the 540, however I likewise need rotation. In bespeak to do this easier, I’m walk to gain some horizontal inert going for this reason I have the right to sling the vertically. Component of this is obtaining that left leg the end in prior of my body a small bit. It’s practically butterfly twist like.

Momentum change has begun and also here’s where things get cool. Watch my appropriate arm and also right leg? Left arm and also left leg? each side is going to synchronize the arm and also leg.

Note the large arms. Be affected by each other hug something. I guess. However remember: girlfriend get much more rotational sauce if you start with broad arms and also then bring them in close.

Left foot is planted firmly through arm firm and my best side (both leg and also arm) are coming across my human body to set up for perfect jumping position. Head and eyeballs facing forward, i beg your pardon is big. Your head anchors your body, and for the 540 kick, you desire yourself anchored forward. Choose a target in former of you and also use it together a reference point.

Right leg continues to rotate inward. Arms still high and wide, yet look in ~ that right arm that mine: it’s still facing my target. This slide is just moments after i ditched eyesight on mine target in order to turn. Don’t forget around your target, you’ll find it again quickly enough.

This watch funky and it’s very hard to explain with text. In ~ the beginning, mine feet were encountering forward. However look in ~ my ideal leg. It actually planted encountering the left edge of my house, which is contempt ahead of mine shoulder rotation. I might talk about blocking again if I wanted to: the vital to delivering momentum is to always make your following move simply a little bit front of your center of gravity and momentum.

Also vital is the it’s the end in former of my body — my leg isn’t right alongside my other leg. Native a depth perspective, my appropriate leg is closer come the camera. Again, blocking. 

Anyway, the eight arc downward just as they perform in a vertical run — they’re on their means down due to the fact that they’re comes right back up.

At the takeoff, you desire to drill into your brain: uncover target, death target. The score is to gain your body instance in a position where you can kick her target, and also so that’s what we’re trying come do.

See the left arm and also left leg? They’re doing the exact same thing. Both room lifting up to obtain me in the air.

More air. The an initial part of the takeoff was all about going horizontal and rotating around yourself so the you can eventually usage it come propel yourself in the air. Now’s the time to manipulate all the cheddar, so get yourself up. eight up in the air, first leg increase in the air.

I always point my fingers on tricks due to the fact that I’m stupid. Don’t worry, it’s my tip finger, not my center finger. Here’s the good stuff though. Every little thing went up and my eyes are now fixated on my target the I’m walking to it is in kicking. Find your target with your eyes. 

I promised you the my legs and also arms would synchronize, and also this is no different. Leg has actually started top top its way to absent the target. Note that it’s quite straight and would classify more as a crescent kick. Through this, mine hips are rather square to mine target. If ns was throw a round kick, things would be different and the hips would certainly be turned end more. Simply something to keep in mind if you’re a round kicker.

Still encountering the target as the kick comes through. Non-kicking leg has actually dropped so that my kicking leg have the right to come over the top without interference.

After the kick? still looking at the target. Non-kicking foot is bending, which renders rotating with the relocate easier.

For the 540, I like to keep myself forward for as lengthy as possible. My upper body sometimes gets caught behind as soon as I execute this, which you can see in the slide above. If I wanted to take it my momentum with me as lot as possible, I’d bring my arm through my leg.

At this point, you could realize the my torso is at an angle. The torso naturally leans ago for me during the kick, however it’s not something i consciously think about. And following up from last slide: if my goal was rotation, I’d be coiling right now. But as you deserve to see, my one arm acquired left behind. It’s no ideal, but — hey — throw tricks is rarely ideal. I’m not right here to show you perfect tip that ns land as soon as in a decade.

Things are just chugging ~ above from previously as ns deploy the landing gear. I stopped it here since it looks prefer I’m posing for the Ginyu Force.

I land here, and I “technically” finish the 540 level rotation. Again, ns don’t really treatment much about the rotation. Simply make that look good.

Recap cues:

Takeoff is huge, obtain horizontal momentum going to her advantage.Eye increase target.Swing arms down and earlier straight up. Lift lead knee high.Eye increase target a 2nd time.Kick target.


Bad kick? Maybe you just need to practice. If friend haven’t put in some hrs training simple kicks, begin there.

Low kick? Actually kick. Don’t think of the 540 as a leg lift over your non-kicking leg. Gain some sauce behind the kick, and don’t be afraid of it.

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Just suck in general? Look, the 540 is a very complicated move. It took me over a year to learn it and I to be dissecting every video clip I can find and comparing it versus mine. You need to put in your time. The best suggestion ns can provide is to train your tornado kick to hell and also back. The better your tornado is, the better your 540 chances are. Try to integrate a 540 takeoff (more aggression) into a tornado kick.