Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are tiny fluorescent irradiate bulbs the use as much as 75 percent less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb and can it is in screwed into a consistent light socket.

Switching from traditional light bulbs come CFLs is a adjust every American deserve to make right now to reduce power use at home and prevent greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to an international climate change.

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Lighting accounts because that close come 20 percent that the typical home’s electrical bill. Changing to CFLs costs small upfront and also provides a quick return on investment. If every home in America replaced just one incandescent light bulb with an energy STAR default CFL, the would conserve enough energy to light more than three million homes and prevent greenhouse gas emissions indistinguishable to those of more than 800,000 dare annually.

As consumers look for means to maintain energy, save money and assist the environment, use of this light bulbs is increasing. Unfortunately, few of the properties the make this bulbs energy-efficient can likewise cause comes to in various other areas.

Information onthis page and also a relatedassociated reality sheet room intended to provide consumerswith details they should make an informed decision around the use and also disposal of CFLs.

CFLs contain around five milligrams the mercury (roughly indistinguishable to the guideline of a ball-point pen) sealed within the glass tubing. Through comparison, older home thermometers save on computer 500 milligrams the mercury, and many hands-on thermostats contain as much as 3,000 milligrams. It would certainly take between 100 and 600 CFLs to equal those amounts.Mercury is an essential, irreplaceable facet in CFLs and is what enables the pear to it is in an reliable light source. Mercury is an facet that, if breathed and took in by the body, can cause neurological damage.The U.S. Eco-friendly Protection firm and the U.S. Room of energy assure us that CFLs space safe to usage in her home. No mercury is released once the bulbs space in use, and they pose no peril to you or your family members when supplied properly. However, CFLs space made the glass tubing and also can break if reduce or about handled. Be mindful when remove the lamp from that packaging, installation it or instead of it.Ironically, CFLs present an chance to protect against mercury native entering our air, wherein it many affects our health. The highest resource of mercury in our air originates from burning fossil fuel such together coal, the most typical fuel supplied in the U.S. To develop electricity. Energy-efficient CFLs existing an opportunity to prevent mercury emissions native entering the environment due to the fact that they aid to minimize emissions indigenous coal-fired power plants.A CFL supplies 75 percent less energy than one incandescent irradiate bulb and lasts approximately 10 time longer. A power plant will emit 10 milligrams (mg) that mercury to create the electricity needed to run an glow bulb contrasted to just 2.4 mg the mercury to run a CFL because that the very same time. That method that usage of the CFL will certainly actually prevent six come eight milligrams of mercury native entering the environment.

The dangers to you and also your family from breaking a CFL space small. The quantity of mercury in a CFL is very small, around five milligrams, or the dimension of the tip of a ball allude pen. In comparison, larger thermometers contain around 500 milligrams that mercury. It would certainly take at the very least 100 CFLs to equal the quantity of mercury in a solitary thermometer.

The mercury in a CFL is required to help turn the electric present into white irradiate you gain from the bulb. Once turned on, a very tiny amount the the mercury in the CFL becomes a vapor. If a CFL pear breaks, a small amount of the mercury vapor will certainly be exit in the air. Unlike the element mercury found in heat thermometers, which space the shining beads of liquid mercury, girlfriend will probably not see any type of mercury with the naked eye if you break a CFL bulb. The white flour you check out is native the phosphorus coating ~ above the inside of the CFL.

So if you rest a bulb, you’re at small risk for far-reaching mercury exposure. It is important, though, to very closely clean up and also dispose that a damaged CFL to prevent spreading approximately the phosphorus powder, glass and any continuing to be mercury.

open up a home window and leave the room (restrict access) because that at the very least 15 minutes. If you have fans, ar the fans in the windows and also blow the air out of the room. Note: If the room has no windows, open up all doors come the room and also windows exterior the room and use fans to relocate the air out of the room and to the open windows. eliminate all materials you have the right to without making use of a vacuum cleaner. wear disposable rubber gloves, if available (do not usage your bare hands). closely scoop increase the fragments and also powder v stiff paper or cardboard. Wipe the area clean through a damp file towel or disposable wet wipe. sticky tape (such together duct tape) have the right to be used to pick up tiny pieces and also powder. location all cleanup materials in a plastic bag and also seal it, and then place in a 2nd sealed plastic bag. If no other disposal or recycling options are available, private occupants may dispose the the CFL in residential garbage. Be certain to seal the CFL in 2 plastic bags and also put into the exterior trash. Wash your hands after getting rid of of the bags. The very first time you vacuum the area whereby the pear was broken, remove the vacuum bag as soon as done cleaning the area (or empty and also wipe the canister) and put the bag and/or vacuum debris, and also the clean materials, in two sealed plastic bags in the the end trash or protected outdoor place for normal disposal.

I broke a pear a while ago and have questions around whether mine family and also home space safe. What do I do?

If you took the proper steps come clean up a damaged CFL in the past, as described above, friend are more than likely at tiny risk because that any far-reaching exposure. If you are still unsure, however, your health dglossesweb.comrtment is the ideal place to get information around indoor air quality and health-related threats from mercury. Girlfriend can call the Ohio room of health and wellness (ODH), office of ecological Health, if you have actually questions around health dangers related to mercury. Email Greg Stein, ODH, or speak to him at (614) 466-1390.

Like paint, batteries, thermostats and also other hazardous family members items, CFLs need to be disposed that properly. Execute not throw CFLs away in your household garbage if better disposal options exist.

Recycle it. U.S. recommends that consumer take benefit of regional recycling choices for CFLs where available. U.S. is working with CFL manufacturers and major U.S. Retailers to increase disposal options. For much more information, go to: location it in sealed bags in outside trash. If you can uncover no various other disposal option, private inhabitants may place used CFLs in their family members garbage. Be sure to seal the CFL in two plastic bags and put it into the external trash. Do not dispose that CFLs in an incinerator.

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