Tips for Pulling increase Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Replacing your flooring is a great project to increase your home’s value. But professional carpet removal for a 500 square foot area can variety from $200 to end $500, plus disposal. After you tack ~ above the costs of new flooring and installation, you’re looking at quite an investment. Tearing the end old carpet is a strenuous task, however many master still select to pull up carpet themselves in order to save big bucks on renovation costs.

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If you considering this choice yourself, we created this overview to go you v the process with experienced advice from the nationwide Wood Flooring Association.

After did you do it selected your new and improved flooring, follow this six steps to remove your old carpet without straining your ago or your bank account.

Important Carpet removed Tools& Supplies

ToolsSafety Supplies
Utility knifePry barHammerPutty knife (optional)Floor scraperPliersBroomVacuumGlovesDust mask or RespiratorKnee padsSafety glassesLong sleeved clothing

*Depending on how much carpet you traction up, curbside garbage pickup might not it is in an option.

1. Prep before Pulling up Carpet

Before you begin ripping up the carpet, clear all furniture native the room. Eliminate entry or closet doors that can interfere with your work. Girlfriend might likewise consider vacuuming the carpet one last time to minimization the mess during removal. Also then, you’re tied to kick up a dust hare or two, for this reason wear a dust mask and also safety glasses because that protection and also put top top gloves and also knee pads for safety.


How to remove Carpet Tack Strips

To eliminate tack strips installed over subfloor, start in a corner and also shove her pry bar straight under one tack piece at a time, prying it up from under the pond heads.To remove tack strips native hardwood floors, insert a vast putty knife between the tack strip and the floor beside the pond head before inserting the pry bar. This help to safeguard your hardwood flooring indigenous damage.Hit the opposite finish of the pry bar carefully with a hammer to popular music the pond out that the floor.To remove tack strips indigenous concrete, an ext strength might be compelled to hammer the pry bar. Be certain to wear safety and security glasses in situation nails pop the end forcefully.Ideally, you’ll have the ability to pop every tack strip up in one piece. But sometimes, specifically with enlarge installs, the tack strips deserve to splinter. Usage caution as soon as removing the wood and nails.Dispose that the old tack strips in a heavy-duty garbage bag.Repeat the process until all continuing to be tack strips in the room are detached.

“Tack piece is periodically glued in place, yet is most-often nailed. This renders it dangerous come remove since it can cut your hands, arms, etc. Wearing hefty work gloves and a long-sleeved shirt and pants throughout removal will help minimize this risk. It have the right to also aid to ar the gotten rid of tack strips ~ above the torn-out carpet pad, which makes carrying the sharp, jagged tack strips less of an injury risk.”

Brett fearbut | VP the Education and Certification, national Wood Flooring Association

Once did you do it removed all of the tack strips, that time to pull up the staples. Removed the staples from her subfloor is necessary for your new flooring come lay evenly. This have the right to be a really time-consuming task. For ideal results, run a heavy duty long-handled floor scraper over the entire area. Use a broom to move the loose staples right into the facility of the room, then a shop-vac to conveniently suck them all up. Pay mindful attention to make sure all loosened dust, staples, wood and nails room all completely vacuumed.

6. Dispose of your Old Carpet

Now the your subfloor is clean and also clear, your next step is disposal.

Before brand-new flooring is installed, Miller recommends consulting a skilled “to determine if the subfloor is sufficient for the brand-new flooring material.” because that example, the weight of brand-new tile can be lot heavier than the weight of your old carpet. In some instances, you might need to install a concrete backerboard to assistance the weight. Other important components include the flooring grade and moisture levelsof the space.

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Time to download Your brand-new Flooring

Congratulations – you removed your carpet! even if it is you’re installing tileor fresh hardwood floors, we hope friend love your brand-new space. For much more DIY tips, visit the for the Homesection of our blog.