Do girlfriend think over there is a possibility our safety might be endangered as a result of our sex in a ‘PHTF’ scenario?

I mean, let"s say we had to get out of city fast. And, for some unforeseen reason you were no able to obtain to your vehicle, or home for the matter, and had to begin hoofing it on foot alone - hopefully through some form of survival offers in tow (again stressing the necessity to save a survive bag of some sort close to you at every times).

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Here you space in the midst of a bazillion refugees (yes the "Golden Horde").

A female walking alone.

So thinking around this situation, what carry out you think the possibilities are that you could be singled out sooner or later since you room female? girlfriend know, favor a predator stalks a weaker prey? choose them off one by one?

If you were a man would the make any type of difference?

This is a scary thought and got me come thinking. What if us disguised ourselves as a guy?

You know, call our "masculine side"?

I think we can do quite well through the disguise part. However act favor a guy? That simply goes against the very grain of that we are!

The clothes part is easy. Jeans, t-shirt, flannel shirt, boots, and also a sphere cap (or hoodie).

But, how around the mannerisms?

How do guys act? Hmmmmm?

I started researching "guy habits" (I understand I just have actually too much time on mine hands).

Before ns start, as a caveat, I understand that all men do not act the same. This is just a recommendation point.

The closest thing I think we would certainly probably gain to imitating a guy, is to speak in a deep voice, right? the is the ideal our lull zone would certainly allow. You understand like as soon as we define what a guy said to someone else and also we talk in the weird guy voice?

For our security sake, this is something that we really may want come think seriously about and strategy it like an additional survival tool.

This is what i found. Again, allow me stress this is no all guys.

Okay, here goes. Guys tend to make loud noises (ewww! I deserve to hear girlfriend now) and also not excuse us for any kind of of them.

By according to noises, I"m talking burps, farts, grunting, throat clearing, spitting, snorting, slurping and also hocking lugies - simply to name a few.

Then there"s the crotch scratching and of food the "rearranging" thing (I"ll not even go there).

Also, guystend to speak loud and also at times v a complete mouth of food (I"m no trying to it is in disgusting simply factual).

Think everything we room not and incorporate this things.

There you have it. Mine "Guy Mannerisms 101".

I myself never ever thought that this form of a disguise because that my safety. However if you experienced a team of males in front of you and/or in ago of you together a refugee, I would certainly think long and hard about blending in protest to standing out.

As a tip you might want to shot some of this mannerisms – also if it’s just in the privacy of her home. Itwill feeling really azer at very first because we girls don’t sweat, belch and do various other bodily points in public.

Just together with any type of survival ability you need to practice - a lot>

Mmaybe a good time would be Halloween - see if you deserve to pass as a man – if it functions you know you have an additional sure fire survive tool.

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So acquire to practicing Mr. Man!

- Survivor Jane

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