You store hearing it, you may also see it, and also now almost everyone in American v a smartphone to know that text massage while steering is dangerous. However that doesn’t stop most of us from act it, specifically teenage drivers. In fact, an median of 9 american a day dice in a crash resulted in by distracted driving, which contains texting. Now a days, 1 out of every 4 crashes entails cellphones, and cellphones rise the likelihood that a crash by 4x the common amount. Despite these shocking numbers, many people reading this post will tho glance at their phone when driving. Okay, so motorists need a little extra help. What about an app? number of apps, some also free, exist to assist drivers to avoid texting when driving. Below is a perform of apps that deserve to keep the phone turn off while you’re behind the wheel.

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AT&T’s DriveMode

This complimentary app, available on Apple and Android phones, will certainly silence texts glossesweb.com post alerts and phone calls while you’re driving, and also then it sends an automatic reply to those that tried to contact you, letting them know you room driving an unable to respond in ~ the moment. DriveMode activates once your car moves, blocking girlfriend from texting, reading, or keying anything, though it still enables you accessibility to her music, 911, and also navigation. For pertained to parents, DriveMode will send a message to her cellphone if your teenager turns DriveMode turn off or disables it.


This app, while no free, will check out your text messages or emails—it also understands shorthand favor “lol”— to you while you’re driving. The app additionally lets you set up one automatic response system, if you pick to execute so, or come reply using your voice. Draft to reduce distracted driving and also keep your hands ~ above the wheel and also eyes top top the road, this app is perfect for people who desire to understand what message they are gaining without getting into an accident.

Sprint’s Drive an initial

Free because that Sprint users, this application can detect once you’re driving and also will lock her phone automatically. It does permit for 3 VIP contacts and also three steering apps you can still reach during this time. Everyone else will receive a article saying friend are currently driving and unable come respond in ~ the moment. This app likewise has a parental lock, providing parents the ability to lock this app onto your children’s phone.

Sprint’s safely Go

This totally free Android app permits texts and calls from 3 VIP contacts to come through, however it will send one automatic answer to any others, telling them you space on the road and currently can not to answer your phone. That will additionally let you take a contact through a hands cost-free device and gives you accessibility to 3 driving apps (like music or navigation) of her choice

Text No more

This free app allows you choose an estimated driving time prior to you get on the road. Throughout the allotted time, the app will block all incoming notifications and disable her phone’s ability to send texts. However, you can receive incoming calls with a hands complimentary device. Yet this application does much more than safeguard your life—it rewards you for safe driving. This app has a rewards system set up come send you coupons for cost-free or discounted was for for sure driving.

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Apps for concern parents


Compatible through Apple and Andriod phones, this app allows parents to affix their phones to your child’s. The app will send one alert to a parent’s phone if a teenager is texting while driving, making use of the phone when driving, and exceeding a parent’s preset speed limit. Unfortunately, this app uses GPS and also could drain her battery quickly. Some users have additionally reported the the general practitioners map gets stuck and provides inaccurate information. As one deserve to see, a plethora that apps exist to aid you curb the desire to message while driving. Instead of becoming part of a crash statistic on distracted driving, uncover the application that friend think will certainly work finest for your lifestyle and also get it on your phone with just a couple of clicks.