If you’ve ever scrolled v your iphone phone in the middle of the night, you will do it likely find that also the lowest brightness setting can acquire harsh ~ above the eyes as soon as it’s key black approximately you. If you want to do your display even dimmer than the minimum setting, us have straightforward trick for you.

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use Your iPhone’s surprise Low irradiate Filter

In your phone’s Settings, go to the Accessibility features and find the one labeled Zoom.

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as soon as you find the Zoom display of the settings, over there are loads of choices you can do to customize that is functions. Because that the purpose of only lowering your screen’s brightness, leave whatever else in its default position. The only thing you require to change is the Zoom Filter which girlfriend can find near the bottom.

Find Accessibilty Zoom Feature
Zoom feature Settings
Zoom short Light Filter
by default, there is no filter favored for Zoom. Choose the Low Light filter.

rotate on the Zoom toggle in ~ the optimal of the page. Your display will automatically be magnified, and it will now emit a much lower light. Double-tap the screen with three fingers come zoom out and also return back to the common magnification of your screen, while maintaining it dimmed.

low light iPhone screens
and just choose that, you can browse on your iPhone v a brightness level reduced than the constant setting. This filter will stay on till you rotate the Zoom function off again.

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create Shortcuts to turn Zoom On and also Off

Constantly transforming Zoom on and also off indigenous the Settings have the right to quickly end up being inconvenient. Instead, have Siri carry out it for you by developing your own collection of Shortcuts.

In the Shortcuts app, insanity the plus sign in ~ the optimal to develop a brand-new shortcut. Add an activity and enter the native “Zoom” in the search bar. Pick the activity Set Zoom.

The action to Turn Zoom On will now be added to the shortcut.

struggle Next and give it a name, which will be offered when you want Siri to operation the shortcut. Finally, insanity Done to conserve your shortcut.

Find Zoom Shortcut

gain Your freshly Dimmed Screen

currently that you’ve collection up Zoom and also Shortcuts, you’re great to go. Consider assigning the shortcuts to the back Tap feature in accessibility to revolve on the filter without needing to speak.

use this an easy trick to take treatment of her eyes in the dark. Enjoy your late-night browsing.

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