The best method to minimize chlorine exposure is to produce a barrier between her skin and the chlorine. Over there are many ways to carry out this.

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Rinse turn off Before Swimming

It might sounds weird, but it’s best to swim wet. Completely wetting the hair and body before swimming in reality helps protect against chlorine absorption.


Cover as lot as you can. Swim shirts are a great idea (and also many offer UV protection). Goggles will help prevent chlorine native irritating the eyes. And, if friend can gain your youngsters to wear them, swim caps are a good way to safeguard the hair and also scalp.

Oil Up

Rub coconut oil all over your body to create a protective, water resistant layer in between chlorine and also your skin. Don’t forget your hair – or your lips! Bonus: coconut oil can provide some herbal sun protection too (though the is not enough on its own – but check out this write-up for safe sunscreen choices).



As quickly as you space done swimming, friend will want to get rid of the chlorine. Acting quickly before chlorine has actually a chance to really get took in to is the best way to alleviate chlorine exposure.

Wash Off best Away

Most people skip the after-swim rinse, however it is a an excellent way to conveniently remove any surface contaminants. This is not enough on the own, yet it’s good to wash away what you can immediately.

Spray Chlorine Away

Vitamin C functions both internally and also topically come neutralize chlorine. So immediately after swimming and rinsing, spray some vitamin C spray everywhere your body and also hair to neutralize the chlorine. Then, shower typically (or rinse turn off again if you space still at the pool). The finest product I’ve discovered to remove chlorine without chemicals is SwimSpray. Invented by a swimmer/chemist, it is made of only water and also several forms of vitamin C, and is an extremely effective. Or you deserve to make your very own after-swim spray by mixing a few tablespoons the vitamin C powder into a few cups of water. (Please keep in mind – you have to make this the very same day, together it will breakdown and lose efficiency after about 24 hours. Also, the is best in a dark colored glass spray party – sunlight can also failure the mixture and plastic deserve to leach right into it).

Chlorine Absorbers

Once you obtain home, you have to bath as soon as possible. To make a detoxing bath, add 1/2-2 cup Epsom salt (think about 1/2 cup because that every 50 lbs of body weight). Add in a 1/2 tsp the vitamin C powder to make it at sight effective. To make it at sight relaxing, include a couple of drops the lavender (or her favorite) vital oil – include the oil come the Epsom so the gets absorbed and isn’t floating on peak of the bath water.

For her hair, as I featured in my monthly newsletter, do a mixture of baking soda and also water (about 1 tablespoon baking soda every cup the water). Massage right into your hair come absorb any kind of remaining chlorine, wash out, and then shampoo together usual.

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This would certainly be a entirety separate post, yet you’ll desire to make certain that the water you room using at house is filtered or otherwise free-of chlorine and chloramines. No feeling washing chlorine off v chlorinated water!


Even if you only do a few of these, friend will considerably reduce chlorine exposure and also protect yourself inside and out. For much more safe summer fun, examine out my favourite Nontoxic Summer Essentials.