Dr. Chundru is a forensic pathologist and is often dubbed in to assist with one autopsy once someone die suddenly, unexpectedly, or if the death is look at unexplained. To carry out his duties, Dr. Chundru both examines the fatality scene and also performs an autopsy the the deceased to achieve the crucial medical info that tells the story behind the cause of death.

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Forensic pathologists like Dr. Chundru work-related diligently to identify the following reasons of death:

Death by organic Causes

While plenty of individuals have pre-existing medical conditions that result in their deaths, there are still number of Americans who die unexpectedly from a previously undiagnosed medical condition or disorder. Dr. Chundru is maybe to recognize if a fatality was the an outcome of natural causes by inspecting the death scene and analyzing the body throughout the autopsy.

If a forensic pathologist pertains to the conclusion that a fatality was the result of natural causes, his or she involvement in the autopsy is generally ceased together the medical examiner or coroner can finish the autopsy on their own.


Determining whether or no a fatality was suicide can be obvious, such as in the instance of self-inflicted wounds, or more complicated, such as as soon as a human being dies by an overdose. Dr. Chundru is especially trained come look for hidden or otherwise overlooked ideas that the deceased passed away by suicide.

Aspects that the fatality that Dr. Chundru examines incorporate reviewing the legislation enforcements or any other files that might reveal a suicide note was in ~ the scene, as well as interviewing family members members and also friends to identify if the person had a mental health and wellness or seeks disorder. This helps to identify whether the person had actually a history of previous self-destruction attempts (which is the number one indicator that a human will dice by suicide), and also learning even if it is or not the deceased had recently experienced an abnormally stressful life event, i m sorry is an additional indicator for suicide.


A homicide is the deliberate and unlawful killing of a human by another party. A forensic pathology is carried into a case when a homicide is suspected because the situation will evolve come a criminal investigation and, if a doubt is apprehended, trial.

When homicide is suspected, even much more caution is needed throughout the autopsy and also final report than through a typical autopsy. This is because Dr. Chundru isn’t just providing answers come surviving family members members, yet the evidence that deserve to both aid police recognize a suspect, and assist prosecutors in winning their court trials.

Accidental Deaths

Sometimes world may die by an unfortunately accident. But still, in this cases, the specific knowledge of a forensic pathology is warranted. Sometimes, inadvertently deaths might be linked to the negligence of another person or a company, such together in the case of product legal responsibility lawsuits or wrongful fatality cases.

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Contact Dr. Chundru for his professional Assistance

Whether you’re a local jurisdiction investigating a fatality that appears unexpected, sudden, and unexplained, or she an attorney representing household members that suspect their loved one’s death wasn’t the an outcome of organic causes, Dr. Chundru can assist you discover the answers friend need.