Do you understand that virtually 80% that the marketing is going to shift its focus towards video clip marketing? 

That’s how rapidly the see of the net is changing. 

What was once taken into consideration a mere treat has now come to be a relevant and also necessary device of business. 

Facebook, similar to YouTube, has actually now end up being a powerful video marketing tool competing head come head v the giants in industry. It has made a remarkable affect in the social media civilization already. Now, the is transforming itself right into a substantial platform where civilization can watch their favorite videos.

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While, YouTube is specifically designed come cater to an audience interested in the town hall videos, finding what you’ve recently watched on that becomes fairly easier than any type of other platform. But, what if you desire to uncover your desired video on a communication such as Facebook? What steps deserve to you take to perform so? 

Just prefer YouTube, the is possible to locate all the videos which you’ve previously watched ~ above Facebook.

So tag along, continue reading and find out exactly how to carry out it. 

You should likewise keep this in your mind that protection of your facebook account is an extremely important. You have the right to secure her FB account by making use of your cell phone number through two element authentication method. In case, girlfriend forget her mobile sim number, then here you can uncover how to examine sim number.

How to find Videos Which did you do it Watched top top Facebook?

There room two ways you can find your freshly watched videos ~ above Facebook. 

One of castle is when you are accessing a cell phone device, while the various other is when you’re accessing a computer. For the services of clarity and better understanding, I will certainly be addressing only one of them. 

Step # 1: Log into your facebook account. And also navigate come the tiny arrow situated on the far right. 


Step # 2: Click top top the arrow and also it will display screen a variety of options. Click Activity Log.

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Step # 3: It will take you come an task log page. Here, simply click the More option. 


Step # 4: choose the Videos did you do it Watched option. 


And it is it, you have the right to now examine out all the videos that you’ve previously watched top top Facebook. The video clip log is not easily accessible on your timeline and the tasks performed are type of surprise from timeline. If you don’t desire to keep a track document of all your videos, in case you gain hacked and somebody misuse it, girlfriend can constantly clear your video clip history. To carry out so, walk to the beginning of the page and also select Clear video Watch History indigenous the top. You can also custom search your video if you like. 

Apart indigenous the truth that facebook video background section is not rather easy to locate, however it still gets the job done using clear video thumbnails contrasted to programs such as YouTube. Hopefully, in the near future, as soon as Facebook starts putting much more focus in optimizing video content, us will also see a devoted tab because that checking our video clip watching history. Till then, stop wait and also watch where it goes.