How to set up Voicemail top top Android smartphones? below is whatever you need to know around how to set up voicemail greetings on Android devices. Read more.

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Android smartphones constitute the most used complicated operating mechanism in the world, through the newly released Android v10 (Q) being the latest off the production line. Android smartphones have involved entail a basic user interface and an capacity to usage virtually every the apps, and also a lot of more. Countless smartphone equipments catering to Indian users favor using Google-owned AndroidOne OS or produce Android-based operating solution to fulfill the require of the users. Tech biggieslike OnePlus, Oppo, Nokia, Vivo, and Motorola are few of the plenty of Android smartphone service providers that operatewidely in India.

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While Android is no doubt simple operating mechanism to use, there have been many cases where smartphone users uncover themselves confused on howto collection up your voicemailto greet civilization when they room not available. However, Android users carry out not have to concern as they have the right to easily set up voicemail greetson Android smartphones which will certainly not only assist people record voicemails, but additionally helpin setup up a great image for your caller. If you space wondering just how to set up voicemail ~ above Android smartphones, right here is all you must know.

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How to collection up Voicemail Greetings top top Android smartphone devices?

Open the Google Fi application.Then walk to the 'Account'section in the menu.Now, in the 'Phone settings'option, tap top top the 'VoicemailManage greeting' option.To document your greeting, tap ~ above the 'Microphone' icon. A user have the right to record approximately 40 secs while setup up a voicemail greeting.In situation the app asks for permission to record audio, tap top top 'Allow'.Later, tap on 'Keep'to conserve your greeting or 'Redo' if you wish to recordit again.Now, simply name her greeting and also tap 'Save'.

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How to change your voicemail greeting on Android?

On Android devices over Android 5 (Lollipop), open up the phone call app.Then, press and hold "1" to contact your voicemail.Now, get in your PIN and press "#".Press "*" for the menu.Press "4" to readjust settings.Press "1" to change your greeting.Make sure to follow all the instructions.

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