We all find for plenty of wacky and also one-off points in Google Maps, and despite what Google thinks us don"t constantly want them sit in our history forever. There are additionally plenty the times once we navigated somewhere the we"ll never go ago to, and also there"s no factor to have it saved in the app"s history. Very sewing you can easily remove details searches and locations native Google Maps on her phone. You can also go a step further and turn off history altogether.

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How to delete item from her Google Maps history

Open Google Maps, swipe in from the left edge and also tap Settings.Tap Maps history to check out a scrolling perform of every find you"ve made and destination.

To remove an item, madness the menu button and also then tap Delete.

A box will certainly pop increase confirming the article you"re around to delete, and you can tap Delete come confirm.To see an ext details about the event, madness Details instead.


Going a action further, you can delete history from a date variety by tapping the menu button in ~ the an extremely top of the screen and tapping Delete activity by.

If you deleted a search or other basic activity, it will certainly no longer show up as a suggested entry when you go to make new searches in Maps. If you deleted a particular route or navigation item, it will certainly no longer display up as a suggestion when obtaining directions to a place nearby. It"s additionally worth noting that deleting that details search or route has actually no bearing top top the history items of previous identical searches or paths you may have made.

How to immediately delete Google Maps place history

Open Google Maps, swipe in from the left edge and also tap Settings.Tap Maps history, insanity the menu button in the top-right, and tap Keep activity for.

Here, you can select to store your Maps activity indefinitely, keep it for just 18 months, or store it for only three months.

If you select either that the automatically deletion options, that background will be scrubbed on a everyday basis together each task point will those time limits.


Tap Next and you"ll get confirmation that your preference has actually changed.

How to stop Google Maps place history

You can likewise pause Google Maps location history entirely, if girlfriend would choose to stop the application from record anything fairly than automatically deleting over time.

Open Google Maps, swipe in from the left edge and also tap Your Timeline.Tap the menu button in the top-right corner, and also tap Settings and also privacy.

Scroll down and tap on Location background is on.


Tap the toggle switch to turn location history off.

It"s necessary to keep in mind that pausing location background does not median that her phone (and Google) no longer knows whereby your phone is. Turning off place history does not turn off place services. That simply means that end the long term, Google Maps go not save that history. Whenever your phone permits an application to accessibility your location, that app will hand the current location come the application regardless of even if it is your setups then allow the app save the place in that history.

Be certain to inspect out our roundup the the finest Google Maps tips and tricks for much more ways to obtain the many out of her favorite navigation app.

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