Google Maps is a an excellent alternative to Apple"s built-in Maps application that uses turn-by-turn navigation, help you find local points of interest, and more. If you usage Google Maps a lot, you might feel the have to clear out several of the data when in awhile, including your old search terms and also directions.

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Here"s just how you can regulate your history in Google Maps.

How to delete her search background and prior destinations in Google Maps

Deleting old find items and also directions in Google Maps is fairly easy. Unfortunately, you have to delete item one at a time.

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Open Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad.Tap the menu button (looks choose three stack lines).

Tap Settings.


Tap Maps history.

The the "x" beside the item the you desire to delete.

Tap Delete.


How to clear your app data from Google Maps

This is advantageous for clearing out downloaded maps, cache data, and resetting cookies. In fact, if you desire to get rid of cached data yet retain her search background and prior destinations, this is the way to do it.

Open Google Maps.Tap the menu button (looks choose three stack lines).

Tap Settings.


Tap About, state & privacy.

Tap Clear application data.

Tap OK.


Any questions?

Do you have any type of questions about how to delete your search background and prior destinations in Google Maps? autumn them into the comments and also we"ll aid you out.

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