Once top top a time, you chose to share her Netflix account through a family members member or friend, yet you just had wildly various tastes therefore you produced separate profiles. Now, they’ve acquired their very own Netflix, therefore you need to delete one old profile. Yet where need to you start? 

How to delete her Netflix profile

Fortunately, deleting a Netflix profile from your account is nearly as simple as producing a new one. Whether you’re trying come delete the file from a computer or a cell phone device, this is what you have to do.

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Deleting native PC

First, you’ll have to sign in to her Netflix account. If you’re making use of a mobile phone, you’ll desire to use the Netflix application for iOS or Android rather than a browser. If you’re ~ above a computer, you’re probably already logged in, yet if not, just head to Netflix and also hit Sign In, located in the upper-right corner.

Once you’re in (it might prompt you to choose a profile; just choose whichever file you use personally), click the symbol in the upper-right corner to open a drop-down menu, then select Manage Profiles.

Next, discover the file you wish to delete and click the pencil symbol in the center. You’ll then check out a food selection that looks something like this:

Click Delete Profile, then on the following screen, click Delete Profile again. Poof! that profile and its viewing background are now, well, history. You’ll automatically return to the Manage Profiles screen; click Done to return to the Profile Selection screen.

Deleting native a smartphone or tablet

You can also bounce file from the Netflix mobile app. Open up it, and also select authorize In, situated in the upper-right corner. When you go into your information, you’ll proceed to the Profile Selection screen. Again, you’ll head come the upper-right corner, whereby it claims Edit.




Tap that, and tiny pencil symbols will show up on each profile. Tap the file you want to erase, climate tap Delete (you’ll watch a little trash have the right to icon there). It’ll give you among those “are friend sure?” screens, so check your decision and, voilà! No much more profile. You’re now totally free to watch the ideal shows and also most splendid movies the streaming business has ~ above tap.

Deleting indigenous a streaming an equipment or smart TV

Tap that, and tiny pencil symbols will show up on each profile. Tap the profile you want to erase. Climate tap Delete (you’ll check out a small trash can icon there). Check your decision to erase her profile. You’re now totally free to clock the finest shows and most magnificent movies the streaming company has come offer.

It’s pretty simple to eliminate a Netflix file from among your streaming devices or clever TV entirely. Even if it is you’re making use of a Roku Premiere or an Amazon Fire TV Cube, the pathways to follow space pretty simple to kind out. You’ll notice slight differences relying on your streaming device. 

On average, you deserve to open the Netflix application on your device and then tap file Selection. An icon or visual message of some form should show up on the adhering to page that shows an option to delete your profile. If you’re using the Roku Netflix app, the deletion choice resembles a small icon shaped prefer a pencil, directly under her profile photo icon. You’ll must click that tiny pencil in order to launch the deletion process. Not every Netflix application has the same layout, we’re aware. You might not be able to see a deletion icon straight away, yet that deserve to be easily solved. Simply head to settings to browse about for a delete option.

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If that still doesn’t prove successful, you might need to access your profile through a computer or cell phone device.