Profiles permit different members the your household to have their very own personalized experience. You deserve to have up to 5 profiles on a single account.

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Each profile permits for that own:

Language preference

Maturity level

Specific city hall restrictions

Profile lock

Viewing activity log

Game saves

Subtitle appearance

Playback settings

Personalized TV show and also movie suggestions

My List*


Email (for notifications emails, and also only profiles through All Maturity ratings)

*Not available on kids profiles on computers.

If you use an older maker that needs an activation code, girlfriend won't have the ability to create or move profiles indigenous the device. Come make sure you deserve to watch indigenous a details profile, visit the website, choose a profile, and then activate the device on If you later on want to readjust profiles, you will need to sign out on your machine and activate the again from your wanted profile.

How to produce a profile

Profiles have the right to be included on gadgets made ~ 2013.

Name the profile.

To usage the kids experience, pick Kids.

Select Continue. The new profile should show on the perform of file on your account.

If girlfriend can’t create or delete a file from your machine or when using a mobile browser, visit top top a computer and also follow the steps above.For more information about the children experience, see how to develop a profile v a specific maturity rating.

How come delete or customize a profile

You deserve to customize or delete file on many devices.

Choose the file you want to change.

Change the name, image, or language ~ above the profile

Save your alters or pick Delete file to delete the file entirely.

The key profile on her account cannot be deleted. Once you delete a profile, the viewing history and video game saves for that profile will certainly no much longer be available.

If friend can't adjust a profile from your machine or as soon as using a cell phone browser, visit top top a computer and follow the procedures above.

How to use profile & parental controls

All profile users, except for those through the children experience, can accessibility and modify Profile & Parental Controls for individual profiles. Your account password is compelled to modify Viewing limitations or file Lock .

To modify settings because that an separation, personal, instance profile:

Select a profile name from file & Parental Controls.

Select readjust for the setting you wish to edit for the profile.

Save/Submit changes.

How to usage a different email address on every profile

The first profile developed is the major profile and also is connected with the email resolve on your Account.

You can include a different email attend to to any an additional Adult profile to get personalized recommendations and also other communications from Email addresses linked with second profiles can't be used to sign in to your account.To add or readjust the email linked with a second profile:

From a web browser, authorize in come the file you want to include an email for.

Select the profile surname from file & Parental Controls menu you want to add an email for.

Next to file Email, select Add, or adjust if girlfriend already included an email.

Enter the desired email because that the profile.

Select include Email.

You deserve to select adjust Email or Delete email if you room updating an existing email.

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Members in Germany will need to confirm twice to add or readjust an email.

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