Everyone knows that you can add multiple file to a single account on Netflix. Miscellaneous pricing and also options allow for simultaneously or separate use that profiles. Either way, profiles on Netflix rule! Plus, they’re exceptionally easy come create.

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However, profile deletion isn’t a typically talked-about topic with Netflix. It is a seldom-used feature and by far a less evident one. Right here is how to delete a file from her Netflix account utilizing a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

How to Delete a Netflix file from an iOS or Android Device

We are provided to doing whatever on a little screen. Even if it is you room watching her favorite TV present using the Netflix app or accessing setups for ease of use, you might want to know an ext about file deletion on your phone/tablet.


Removing a profile making use of the iOS application is actually extremely simple. Whereas you can’t set parental controls or make significant edits to your account, you deserve to delete a profile making use of the app. Open up the Netflix app and also follow these steps to remove a profile on her iPhone or iPad:

Tap ‘Edit’ in the upper right-hand corner

From the main display that shows up when you very first open Netflix, there is an choice to edit. Tap on it and pencil symbols will appear on your profiles.


Tap ‘Delete’

Toward the bottom of the screen, you will check out the Delete profile option. Madness it, confirm, and also there you have actually it!


Tap regulate Profiles.


Enter your credentials and also select authorize In. This will certainly take friend to her Netflix profile.


Click ~ above ‘Manage Profiles’

Do not choose the profile the you desire to delete. Instead, walk to manage Profiles.


Click top top ‘Delete Profile’

To delete the file in question, walk to the DELETE PROFILE choice at the bottom that the page. Confirm, and you’ll have properly deleted the Netflix profile.


Click top top ‘Delete Profile’

Tap the down arrow until ‘Delete Profile’ is highlighted and also click it.


In the next screen, choose Delete Profile and also confirm.

Additional FAQ

Are the profile and also the matching information permanently deleted?

Yes, if you occur to delete a file on Netflix, every the information that comes to it is deleted. This includes favorite shows, preferences, etc. Girlfriend can contact Netflix and also ask if they can reinstate your deleted profile, but they could not have the ability to do so.

However, if you delete her account and also do no cancel deletion over the course of the next 10 months, all her information, including your profiles, will certainly be permanently deleted. You deserve to request this info to be deleted sooner by requesting that by email at .

It is not letting me delete one of my Netflix profiles, what is happening?

When friend have created your Netflix account, you may have actually noticed that a file was created alongside it. This is your account’s major profile that can’t it is in deleted. You have the right to rename it, readjust the language top top it, edit maturity ratings, and also make other tweaks, but you will never have the ability to delete it. Our advice is, rename that and readjust its setups instead.

If the key profile is the just one continuing to be on your account, and you desire to delete that entirely, you space going to need to delete your account. Keep in mind that you carry out not need to delete different profiles in bespeak to fully remove it.

To delete your account, you’re walking to need to use the desktop computer version that a browser. One of two people way, the principle is the same.

To do this, first, you should cancel your current membership. Navigate come the profile icon on Netflix.com, situated in the upper-right corner of the screen. Pick Account from the drop-down menu. Then, choose Cancel Membership. Check by choosing Finish Cancellation. Leaving it there for second 10 months, and also your account will certainly be deleted. If you room in a hurry, as pointed out earlier, send a inquiry to .

This will certainly make certain that every single one of your profiles is permanently deleted.

Will file deletion mess up mine account?

The just thing the deleting a file will carry out is, well, delete the profile. Yes, this does include all the personalization and an individual settings. However, no file deletion have the right to mess up her Netflix account. This is why there’s a solitary main file that can not it is in deleted making use of the above-mentioned methods. The only way to delete it is with the account deletion process.

So, you can go ahead and also remove any kind of profiles the you no longer need without worry. Girlfriend will be able to create a brand-new profile at any suggest during your Netflix usage.

How countless profiles have the right to I add?

You can include up to 5 profiles ~ above Netflix, noted that you room using a maker that to be made in 2013 or much more recently. This is how numerous profiles a Netflix account can operate with. Still, relying on your subscription, you’ll have the ability to simultaneously use Netflix on much more screens every profile.

With the simple subscription, you deserve to watch Netflix on one screen per profile. On the traditional subscription, the number of different display screens is two. Finally, on the Premium subscription, you’re enabled to clock Netflix ~ above four different screens per profile.

Deleting a Netflix Profile

Netflix file deletion is a pretty straightforward and straightforward thing. Still, even though friend can add a brand-new profile using the iOS app, friend won’t have the ability to remove file on it. The only means to do it ~ above iOS is utilizing the desktop computer version the the Netflix website. On Android devices, PCs, Macs, streaming devices, and also smart TVs, profile removal is entirely possible and very easy come do.

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Have you controlled to eliminate the profile that you want to? go you find it an easy and straightforward? do you, perhaps, have actually any added questions regarding account and also profile deletion top top Netflix? Please, feel cost-free to fire away in the comments section below. You deserve to join the discussion, add any concerns you could have, or provide our ar with some awesome advice that us might’ve missed.