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find for you yourself on Whitepages. william Antonelli/Business Insider


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In the list of names provided, find your entry and click the box that reads, "View Details." It can be complicated to locate, as there room usually at least a couple other entries through the exact same name together you. To do matters worse, it"s not unusual to uncover that Whitepages has actually your surname misspelled in its documents — as was the situation with me. You deserve to usually situate your certain profile by searching for your age and the name of your relatives, i beg your pardon are amongst the very first items displayed.


Whitepages might occasionally misspell her name. william Antonelli/Business Insider

4.Once opened, your web page will display screen a long list of every the information that Whitepages has actually on file about you. It"ll likewise include a most sky blue-colored web links to additional results — that"s all your premium info, locked behind a paywall.

5.Copy her profile"s URL through highlighting it and pressing control + C on a PC, or Command + C top top a Mac.

6. Head come the opt the end page, which girlfriend can uncover here.

7. In the box provided, dough in your duplicated URL and also click the "Opt-out" button.


enter your profile URL. william Antonelli/Business Insider

8. Whitepages will bring up a box through your name and some info, and ask you come make sure that it"s the appropriate person. If the is, click "Remove me." If not, click "This is the wrong person. Take me back," and also make certain that the URL is correct.

9. prior to continuing, you have actually to choose a factor why you want your info to be removed. The doesn"t issue what reason you select, or whether or not you leave a comment. Once you"ve picked your reason, click "Submit."


choose a factor for removing her info. william Antonelli/Business Insider

10. To complete removing your info, you have to verify your identity by beginning a protection code that Whitepages will provide through a phone call. In the message box provided, get in a phone call number you deserve to be immediately reached at, examine the box affirming the you"re removing only your own info, and also click "Call currently to verify."

11. You"ll be taken to a brand-new page, i m sorry will display a four-digit code in huge lettering.

The password you obtain will be randomized. wilhelm Antonelli/Business Insider

12. in ~ a few moments, you"ll receive a contact from a call number based out of Nicasio, CA. Keep in mind that the won"t ring as long as most phone calls prior to disconnecting — only around ten secs — so answer quickly. And additionally be conscious that since it"s technically an automated call, some phone providers" anti-robocall features may try to block or quiet it. Once I walk this ~ above T-Mobile, the Caller ID review "Scam Likely."

The contact from Whitepages may be marked as spam. wilhelm Antonelli/Business Insider

13. prize the call call, and listen to the instructions offered by the robocaller"s (sort of creepy) voice. It"ll ask friend to go into the four-digit code on your phone"s keypad. When you do, the robocaller will certainly tell you that your request has been accepted, and also if you have actually any much more questions, come visit the Whitepages website. It will certainly then hang up.

14. refreshing the web page with your password on it.

Refresh, and also this page need to appear. william Antonelli/Business Insider

And that"s every it takes to remove your cost-free info. Note, however, the it might take as much as a day for your information to disappear native the site — and it may take also longer because that your info to stop showing up on find engines favor Google or Bing, which might keep it cached for an indefinite amount the time.

just right-click and copy its URL. william Antonelli/Business Insider

5. go to the support Request page, which friend can uncover here.

6. The web page will questioning you to disclose what kind of worry you"re having. Indigenous the dropdown menu, choose "I need to edit or eliminate a listing."

7. The page will refresh, and a long questionnaire type will appear. Fill it out, providing the URL you copied and also as much other information as you can. Fill the end the Subject and Description sections prefer you to be writing an e-mail — just describe that you"re do this request due to the fact that you don"t want your details on the site. Click "Submit."

friend don"t need to affix anything. william Antonelli/Business Insider

8. in ~ a couple of minutes, you should receive an email saying that your request is gift processed and also reviewed. Within a work after that, you"ll receive another email native Whitepages, confirming the your information has actually been removed.

The email have to come within a day. wilhelm Antonelli/Business Insider

Within two or three days, her Premium details should be turned off off the site. Civilization may still have the ability to find your name with the Whitepages search, yet they won"t be able to find noþeles more.

So, that"s exactly how you gain your details off Whitepages. However what about the various other prominent world search sites?

You have to receive the email immediately. william Antonelli/Business Insider

9. You"ll be taken back to the remove Listing page, but now there will be a environment-friendly bar at the optimal of the web page that reads: "We"ve got your request to eliminate this listing: . Please allow 2-3 days for every updates come be reflect on the site."

Within a few days, your profile must disappear. However, together Spokeo notes on their remove Listing page (pictured in action 7 above), you have to occasionally find yourself again top top Spokeo, together they may put her profile ago up there is no warning.

How to remove yourself from other public info sites

There are dozens, if not numerous different civilization search sites on the internet. As stated above, some merely don"t allow you take your information down. Some could even do you salary to erase her profile.

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But generally, if you discover a human being search site that you don"t to trust displaying your an individual info, your best bet is to search their site or Google for an opt the end form. If friend can"t discover one, shot sending an e-mail to the website"s customer support team.