Amazon sell a lot of great stuff, and also if you usage the shopping business you’ll notification it slowly gets to recognize you based on your searching activity. If you’ve ever before opened the app to the “your recommendations” section, you’ll know that Amazon not only keeps monitor of your purchases but additionally every product you’ve ever so much as glanced at.

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These referrals can often be genuinely helpful, highlighting interesting commodities you wouldn’t otherwise have thought to find for. Yet there are plenty of reasons you can not desire Amazon tracking her every online interest.

Maybe you’ve been searching for a surprise gift and don’t desire your significant other to uncover out. Probably you’re ailing of seeing targeted ads based upon your searching history. Or perhaps your recommendations have actually been out of whack ever due to the fact that you clicked on that weird product link in a Buzzfeed article.

Whatever the reason, you’ll be pleased to know that Amazon permits users come delete items indigenous their personal history. Here’s exactly how to execute it.

Browsing history

Amazon keeps track of every little thing you look at at, even if it is you buy that or not. Despite you can’t dig right into a historical archive of whatever you’ve ever before viewed, it’s pretty simple to take it a look in ~ a list of freshly viewed items and also remove any or every one of them.

In the Amazon application for iPhone and also iPadOS, insanity the “three-lines” menu icon in the bottom appropriate of the screen and also select Your Account. Native the next menu, choose Your freshly Viewed Items. Here, you have the right to press the Remove native view button to delete separation, personal, instance items from your history.


Alternatively, you have the right to press Manage in the peak right and then Delete History to remove every little thing from this perform in one dropped swoop. You’ll additionally see the alternative to toggle off the browsing background feature altogether, so that won’t save track of future product views.

Delete conserved searches

On top of the browsing background itself, you may want come remove any type of record of previous searches. To carry out this native the app, merely tap into the “what are you looking for?” search box in ~ the top.


You’ll view a chronological list of current searches; push the X come the left of any kind of entry come delete it.

Multiple devices

It’s precious noting that Amazon’s recently viewed items and search history are unique to each maker you browse Amazon on. If you usage the app on one iPhone and also an iPad, for example, you’ll have to follow the above steps twice – once for each device.

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Similarly, you’ll require to manage your backgrounds on any kind of computer the you’re logged into Amazon on. Top top the computer, walk to Amazon’s website and also press Your Amazon from the top menu. You’ll then check out a Your searching History alternative from a sub-menu, indigenous which you deserve to delete items in lot the same way as defined above.