mine Gmail account is starting to acquire full, therefore I have been using the brand-new search ax larger:1M to discover attachments the are larger than 1 Megabyte.

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I"d favor to simply delete the attachments without shedding the email itself?




You can access your Gmail account together an IMAP account making use of an email customer such as Thunderbird or ms Outlook and also then usage the client’s function for deleting attachments.

Also girlfriend can instantly forward the message to yourself and remove the attachment with Google"s Docs http://techawakening.org/delete-attachments-from-gmail-without-deleting-the-emails/1842/



The Chrome expansion Dittach is claimed to carry out this, however it is still unclear because that me (I didn"t uncover the answer on their website) if our emails" content and also attachments - i.e. Our an individual data - transit via this third party company"s servers or not when using Dittach. Together it can be potentially dangerous to open our data come a 3rd party company, I like not to usage it, because that now.

As mentioned in
IgorIschuk"s answer, that is possible to remove attachments in emails (and keep the original text) by permitting IMAP in Gmail + Thunderbird, yet the workflow is quite long.

Thus, below is a in-depth workflow explaining how to mass eliminate attachments for, say, every the emails of her Gmail that have actually a dimension > 1 MB. In my case I had ~ 1050 together emails.

First permit IMAP in Gmail"s Settings. Likewise create a Gmail label called bigattachments, and also configure it come be clearly shows from IMAP.Install Thunderbird (tested through Thunderbird Setup 60.5.0.exe) and collection up the Gmail account.In Thunderbird, walk in every mail, right click the columns, and enable the screen of the tower Size. Click the Size obelisk header to type all your emails through size. Then pick all the emails that have actually a dimension > 1 MB, and move lock (with a drag"n"drop) come the bigattachments folder.Now create a local folder in ThunderBird named temp. Drag"n"drop to copy every the emails from bigattachments (IMAP, on far-off server) come temp (local). This step have the right to take a long time relying on the dimension of the data to it is in downloaded.

Now choose all the emails in the regional Temp folder. Best click, pick "Extract attachments", pick a location path because that the attachments. Wait. Carefully check that the attachments are removed from the emails (you can inspect the dimension column), and that lock are conserved in the destination path too.

Go back to Thunderbird. Choose all the emails in the regional Temp folder. Drag"n"drop them ago to the bigattachments brand (IMAP). Wait for the upload.

It"s done! girlfriend can examine on Gmail net that the bigattachments save on computer the exact same emails, but with attachments removed. You have the right to now perform the cleanup: a) remove this bigattachments label (removing a label doesn"t delete that is emails), b) Go earlier to Conversation see on, c) Delete the Thunderbird"s Temp regional folder, or even remove Thunderbird.

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If friend only have a few emails to procedure (less 보다 10), it"s not vital to install the addon AttachmentExtractor Continued. You can skip action 5 and also 6, and also just click on every email of the Temp folder, and also click top top the bottom right part of the screen (I don"t mental the name of this option, probably it"s in More...), you have actually a Detach feature. The just drawback is that this can not be done because that multiple emails in ~ the very same time.