If girlfriend are trying to find a method to delete irregularity or outdated voicemail messages, this write-up recommends easy means for exactly how to delete voicemail messages on Android phone.

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Erase Android

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Method 3: Deleting Voicemail top top T-Mobile

Step 1. Open the Dial Pad: open your applications drawer and also then scroll through to “Phone” app. Insanity on it to open up it.

Step 3. Enter Password: go into your voicemail password and also then press the # sign.

Step 4. Skip v the Messages: You may encounter multiple voicemail messages. Press 9 when listening to each voicemail so as to save it, and then relocate to the next one.


Method 1: pressure Stop "Phone" Application

Step 1. Tap and hold on the voicemail icon in the notification bar and an "App info" menu will appear. Just click on it.

Step 2. The next tab will screen the "Phone" app info. Tap on the "Force stop" button and also the voicemail notice will it is in removed.

Alternatively: go to settings > Apps. Tap on "Phone". Click the "Force stop" button and also the voicemail notification will it is in cleared.


How to delete all data on Android?

Step 1. Start the dr.fone, affix your Android an equipment to PC, and then click "Erase" section.


Step 2. Fight "Start" button and begin come wipe your android machine permanently


Next, you should confirm the data delete action by inputting in “000000” and then madness “Erase Now” to continue with erasing data permanently.


Step 3. Perform factory reset ~ above Android

After confirming the “Factory Data reset” action, the dr.fone will certainly erase all of your data save on Android call or tablet computer and that is no recoverable also though girlfriend use skilled data restore tool.

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Redundant info saved in her Android an equipment will increase the possiblity of acquiring the mobile stuck. Hence the post intends to teach you how to delete voicemail message and also icon on her phone. Us recommend come you the best technique to completely remove the data. If you feel it useful, don"t hesitate to share with your friends.