There room at the very least two things that can occur to your Twitter account – you have the right to either delete or Twitter might select to suspend it. Deleting your account guarantee Twitter no longer keeps your information like email and also phone number. This is crucial if you intended to use the two later on to open a brand-new account.

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But what if her account got suspended before you can delete it? Things get a bit complicated.

Unlike an active account, a rely Twitter account doesn’t have actually the “Deactivate” choice making it impossible to delete. So just how do you go about the totality process? Let’s explore the ins and outs that a suspended Twitter account listed below – including just how to delete it.


Why your Twitter Account might Be Suspended

Why your Twitter Account can Be Suspended

Most of the moment it’s no going to be clear why her account was suspended. Twitter no seem to treatment enough around letting users understand of their crimes before getting kicked turn off the platform. The normal explanation is follow me the currently of “violation the Twitter Rules” i beg your pardon doesn’t aid much.


Nevertheless, this is a failure of some of the most typical reasons why accounts get suspended:


This is pretty straightforward – you’ll gain into problem if girlfriend go about harassing various other Twitter individuals or being normally abusive. Usually, Twitter can not understand right away uneven that user reports you. And also if enough human being report you, you deserve to be certain Twitter is walking to inspect out your account and possibly suspend it.


Twitter themselves insurance claim this to it is in the number one factor for account suspension. What spamming means can be a little of a grey area seeing as most people end up being victims that this rule.

But because that starters, spamming (according come Twitter) involves:

Tweeting too lot – think thousands of tweets per day.Sending out tons of replies, mentions, and direct messages.Repeatedly tweeting or sending messages consist of of links only.Posting the same tweet/reply repeatedly.

And therefore on. Countless accounts acquire wrongfully suspended for this reason, though.

Mass follows and unfollows

Suddenly following hundreds of users is going come raise a flag, specifically for brand-new users. Also worse is once you decision to unfollow a large chunk of this people.

To Twitter’s eyes, it is suspicious. They watch it as a means to inflate her follower count and might likewise consider friend a bot. To an extent, Twitter likewise considers this to be spam and will quickly whisk you off the platform.

Misusing Hashtags

This is particularly true because that popular/trending hashtags. Every tweet under together hashtags need to be directly related come the certain hashtag. To attract Twitter’s wrath, though, you’ll need to wrongly usage the hashtags every day over a particular period.

Another worry with hashtags that might doom her account is stringing with each other a the majority of unrelated hashtags simply so you could show up in multiple well-known topics.

Account in ~ Risk

Sometimes Twitter can suspend your account as a means to defend you from a potential data breach. That’s if they doubt your account has had actually unauthorized access. It might be inconvenient but it does aid with securing your account until you verify her details.

What Happens when Your Twitter Account is Suspended?

A an excellent deal of your profile alters once her Twitter account is suspended. The course, it remains online ~ above Twitter’s servers however that’s about it.

Your bio, tweets, replies, and also some other general information on her profile will be hidden from windy view. Only your screen name and also username will certainly be visible. Rather of your tweet feed, everyone attempting to check out your profile will certainly be greeted through a empty page and a an alert of her account suspension.

Other Twitter individuals cannot engage with you.

Despite this, your email address, username, and also phone number will still be tied to the rely account. So you can not open an additional account utilizing these details.

Deleting her Suspended Twitter Account

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to delete a rely Twitter account. Actually, it’s impossible to perform anything top top the account.

But you can at the very least sign in. This supplies you an opportunity to very nice the suspension. If you’re effective in convincing Twitter come reactivate her account, you deserve to then continue to now delete it.

Wrapping up

Twitter suspends accounts once you go against any of their laid under rules. This deserve to be a little bit of a hurdle if you great to delete her account since once it’s suspended, you can not delete/deactivate it.

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Your just shot is to acquire Twitter come lift the suspension and follow the usual method of deleting an account.