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In a net browser, go to Manage profiles, choose the pencil icon because that the profile you want to delete, then pick Delete Profile.On a clever TV, walk to Profiles, select the profile you desire to delete, choose the pencil icon, then pick Delete Profile.In the iphone phone app, madness Profile > Manage Profiles. Top top iPad and Android, insanity Menu > your profile > Edit.

This post explains exactly how to delete a Netflix profile in a internet browser, ~ above a smart TV, and on mobile devices. Devices released before 2013 might not totally support Netflix profiles.

exactly how to Delete a Netflix Profile utilizing a Windows pc or Mac

If you primarily use Netflix top top your desktop or laptop computer, here's just how to modify profiles from the service's website.


Delete a Profile using an iPad or Android machine

Follow these steps to eliminate a Netflix account because that an Android device.

What are Netflix Profiles?

Netflix profiles allow different members that a family members to have actually their very own personalized Netflix experience. However, an account only supports 5 profiles, for this reason to add a brand-new one, you must an initial delete an existing profile.

Deleting a Netflix profile is easy, permanent, and likewise deletes the profile's viewing history. Deleting a file on one maker will eliminate it from all of your devices.

Remove mirrors From your Netflix Viewing history

If you just want come delete a few shows from your history, there's no need to delete your entire profile. Simply eliminate individual reflects in your account settings. To get to her account settings:

On a Mac or windows PC: choose the Profiles button in the upper-right corner of the screen, and also then pick Account. On one iPhone: tap the Menu button in the lower-right corner of the display and then insanity Account.On one iPad or Android device: madness the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner of the screen, and also then madness Account.

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Once in account settings, scroll under to the My Profile section and also select Viewing Activity. Remove items by picking the Hide button, i m sorry looks prefer a circle with a line through it.