Raise your hand if you’re ready for summer grilling season. Me too! I’m so passionate to gain our patio ready for household dinners and entertaining friends. We’ve uncovered the patio furniture, we’ll tree flowers and also grasses in our pots and also planter bench soon, and also the BBQ grill needed a yes, really thorough cleaning. This last one is a job I normally dread, however this year I uncovered an less complicated method!


We always use a wire brush to give the height of the grates a rapid cleaning after every meal, when the BBQ is tho warm. However overtime, the grates still get pretty dirty and a the majority of left end gunk ends up in the bottom that the burner box.

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Here’s what the grill looked like when I opened up it up this spring… several black char and in need of a good cleaning! and also it acquired worse as I worked my means down through each layer.


This is a sponsored article written through me on behalf ofScrub Daddy. All opinions space 100% mine. This post additionally contains affiliate links. If you purchase something ns recommend, you’ll salary the very same price, yet I may receive a little commission.

I wasn’t really sure just how to clean the BBQ grill. I didn’t desire to use anything v harsh chemicals that can damage the assorted grill parts, I needed it to be food safe and also non-flammable, and also it required to be tough enough not to fall apart with what i knew would be a lotof scrubbing. Ns looked about the house and didn’t find anything as much as the challenge. Then i remembered recently reading a perform of 50 distinct uses because that Scrub Daddy, including cleaning a BBQ, for this reason I made decision to offer it a try.


The product line additionally includes a variety of other scrubbers, and also sponges and erasers. The double-sided Sponge Daddy confirmed perfect for cleaning the external of the grill, but an initial let’s start on the inside…

Every make and also model that BBQ will be different, but I’ll walk you through just how I deep cleaned my bbq grill inside and out. Before starting to clean, i made certain that it was disconnected from our gas line.

I dampened the Scrub Daddy v cold water, and went to work on the grill grates first. That made nice easy work-related of removing scorched on corpuscle from the optimal of the grates, but I to be a little nervous once I flipped the grates over and also realized just how much an ext charred they were on the underside. After simply a couple of minute of light scrubbing, however, I had the ability to uncover the stainless stole beneath.


Once the grates were as clean as I can get them, I gotten rid of the grates and started ~ above the next layer – the warm plates that cover the burners. There was fairly a little of loosened debris on few of these bowl and it’s simple to view which spot on the grill we cook on most frequently.


I knocked off the loosened stuff, then wiped down each heat plate, scrubbing turn off grease and also burnt top top particles.

Next, I eliminated the warm plates to disclose the burners and also give me easier accessibility to the grease pan in ~ the bottom of the burner box. Ns softened the Scrub daddy in warmth water to tenderness wipe down the burners and also check to ensure the none the the harbor small holes wherein the gas flows out were blocked by grease or food particles.

The bottom of the grease pan was covered in lots of loose debris. Ns scooped the end as lot as I could this is whereby my gloves come in particularly handy and also discarded it into a small trash bag.

With every one of the loose bits cleared out, what was left was a the majority of grease and grime. Ns ran the Scrub daddy under cold water to make it firm again, and then scrubbed up as much as ns could.

Keep in mind the you’ll never gain your BBQ spring brand new again after year of use, however I think you’ll agree the it watch a heck of a lot of better. And when it pertains to a BBQ, cleaner not just looks better, it’s likewise safer. If her BBQ has actually a drip tray generally available from the back, be sure to clean the out as well.

Once I had actually given every little thing a an excellent scrubbing, I placed all the parts ago in place and also admired my work. Ns feel for this reason much better knowing we have a nice, clean grill to cook on this summer, and now that ns know just how easy it deserve to be come clean, i won’t placed it off so long next time!

You probably need to watch the before and also afters side-by-side come really appreciate the difference, so right here you have it you might also want to pin this picture to discover you way back come this article the following time your grill requirements a deep cleaning:

Before cooking on the grill the an initial time post-cleaning, be sure to pre-heat the BBQ for about 15 minutes. This will assist to kill any germs and also will burn off any type of residual grease and also dirt that may remain on the food preparation surfaces.

So exactly how did my Scrub dad fare after all the grease and scrubbing? once I perfect he to be looking nice black and also charred, yet he was still smiling! If this was any type of other scrubber, ns would have just thrown it away immediately, but I had actually read around Scrub Daddy’s capability to wash clean, for this reason I made decision to view if he still had actually some life left in him.I rinsed him as lot as I might in the sink, and also while ns couldn’t quite acquire him looking like brand-new again, he came muchcleaner 보다 I supposed after every he’d to be through. I plan to operation him through a dishwasher cycle together well, and suspect that he’ll come out also cleaner.

I absolutely won’t be utilizing this specific Scrub dad to clean within the house, but he certainly has a many life left in him because that future grill cleanings, and he’ll be good for other outdoor projects prefer cleaning up the patio furniture and also the guys outdoor toys.

I know we’re walking to gain a many time out on the patio again this summer, grilling up delicious meals and also making household memories.

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I had been dreading deep clean the grill, yet the Scrub Daddy method made it lot faster and easier than I assumed possible. It to be so good being able to usage one simple product to remove the debris and cut with the grease, and all I had actually to execute was include water and also a little muscle.