No issue the size and shape of the space, every life room has its own distinctive decorating challenges.

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Small life rooms battle with space, living rooms v no overhead lighting need other light sources, and also long-living rooms need to minimize tunnel vision.

The exact same goes for tall living rooms.

The vertical space is great, but if you don’t fill that space, then you’ve essentially developed an echo chamber.

To aid enhance your big living space, enjoy these tips because that decorating life rooms through high ceilings.


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Enrich her Ceiling

While the wall surfaces in your living room are rather large, they’re not the just surface you can decorate. (Don’t worry, we’ll acquire to your wall surfaces in a bit.)

Your ceiling has quite a few ways the can add to the decor of your living room.


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Install Beams

A popular design element for living rooms with high ceilings, beams aid connect her ceiling to the rest of your space.

They’re adept at reducing the as whole scale and also reining in the room’s proportions.

Exposed and painted wooden beams job-related well v both modern-day and rustic designs.


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Apply Beadboard

Beadboard is one more common ceiling decoration an approach that can assist make your ceiling stand out.

The beadboard’s texture adds warm to her ceiling and helps the room feel much less cavernous.

If her walls room a neutral color, climate beadboard is a good way to develop contrast in between your ceiling, walls, and also floor.

Pro Tip: If she looking to take it beadboard to the following level, false and also tray ceilings develop a similar effect with more elaborate architecture options.


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Furnish come Scale

With every one of the extra an are created by her high ceiling, nothing be afraid to bring in larger, heavier furniture that wouldn’t right in a smaller living space.

A big sectional and also coffee table is perfect for developing a designated lounge.

Place lock on peak of a rug and cover your sectional with plush cushions to help reduce the echo that have the right to come v a high ceiling.


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Outfit with Curtains

Most living rooms with high ceilings have big windows to match.

That method you’ll require equally huge curtains (short curtains do the room feeling fragmented).

When picking out your big curtains, select light hues because that a much more classic, mellow look.

If you’re looking to craft a more energetic space, go for bold, hefty drapes.

Your ideal bet is to use a solid color for her curtains.

Patterns can lug warmth, texture, and also coziness, but they can be overwhelming when offered at this scale.


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Lighting her Living room

Big windows will let in a lot of of natural light throughout the day, but they won’t aid you illuminate your space at night.

Chandeliers and pendant lightsare renowned solutions because that lighting life rooms v high ceilings.

It’s best to cave them one of two people in the facility of the room or end a coffee table.

Pro Tip: If one huge chandelier doesn"t mesh through your living room, try breaking the up right into 2-3 three smaller chandeliers.

Otherwise, floor laps and also arc lamps can help create part easy-to-adjust lighting because that cozy spaces.


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How come Decorate her Living Room Walls

The wall surfaces that accompany living rooms through high ceilings sell plenty of genuine estate because that a wide selection of decorate ideas.


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Create an accent Wall

Accent walls are a great way to break up the visual space in her spacious life room.

There are plenty of different methods you have the right to turn a wall into an interval wall.

Paint one wall a various colorExtend your fireplace up with much more tile, brick, or stoneCover a wall surface in timber claddingApply ornate wallpaperMount textiles


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Adorn v Artwork

Of course, it would be dorn not come hang some artwork.

All that wall an are is just begging because that it.

Here space a couple of things worth considering once mixing artwork v other elements to do an oversized space a warm feel.


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Frames, Paintings, & graphic Art

All of that wall an are is perfect for producing an assorted collection of frames, paintings, and graphic art.

Conventional wisdom says hanging artwork in ~ eye level, yet you have the right to take advantage of the vertical an are by hanging massive pieces higher than you usually would.

Bold colors will attract the eye upwards and make the walls feel an ext connected come space.

You can likewise use sculptures and multi-piece installations to develop some variation.


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Rule that Thirds

When trying to determine just how to cave artwork on her wall, start by breaking your wall into 3 vertical and also three horizontal sections.

Imagine the network you view while looking with the viewfinder the a camera.

The idea below is to create focal points and to rein in the towering feel of high ceilings.

Use your grid to recognize where to ar pieces on the wall and just how to room them.

If friend have any type of furniture up versus the wall, consider them a component of the bottom third.

Don’t issue - it’s it s okay if the top third is empty.

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Enlarge her Art

Large walls average plenty the room because that equally huge paintings.

Vertical art, in particular, is ideal for connecting the extra elevation to the remainder of the room.

Larger horizontal pieces work good also, helping to alleviate the intuitive space.

Just make sure that your art doesn’t overpower any kind of of the furniture girlfriend have.


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Sprinkle in some Shelving

Shelving is an additional popular method for decorating living rooms through high ceilings.

You can use stylish floating shelves to location sculptures, photos, plants, and even lean smaller sized pieces the art.

Optionally, instead of staggering shelving, try a single high shelf that runs the perimeter that the room.

Bonus Tip: If you worried about items fallout’s down, include a ⅛ come ¼ customs lip to the former of the shelves or anchor them through tack putty.


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Build a personal Library

Do you have a most books?

Do you wish you had more?

Arrange shelves and bookcases to construct your own an individual library.

Install a library ladder to expand your bookshelves vertically while adding a unique style come space.

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Your Turn

Living rooms with high ceilings sell a many of space for decoration.

What technique are you going to shot first?

Hanging part shelves?

Installing part art?

Maybe something we missed entirely?

Either way, leave a comment letting united state know just how you setup on decorating your living room