Imagine a cupcake. You have actually a spongy and moist cake through a mound of perfect swirled, creamy buttercream or a class of thickened, glossy icing (and for those who didn’t know, frosting and icing room not the exact same thing).

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According to Merriam-Webster, a cupcake is defined as “a very small cake the is small in a pan shaped like a cup“. Yes nothing around topping lock with mountains of icing or buttercream frosting, however that’s the way you typically imagine one.

You can think the the frosting or icing can be the most important component of a cupcake or you might take it a napkin and also slide the icing right off there is no a second thought. For those who execute the last or those that desire to shot something new with your cupcakes, here are 8 different ways you can change it up without compromising the satisfaction of eat one.

1. Nutella and also Chocolate Glaze


Photo courtesy that patcadsawan ~ above Flickr

Nutella and also chocolate has become a classic mix in whatever from cookies to pancakes. Just melt equal components of Nutella and cacao into a glaze that can slowly ooze over her cupcakes making them a little nutty and delicious.

2. Greek Yogurt and also Toppings


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This topping is perfect if you’re in search of a lighter indulgence. After the cupcakes have cooled, spread some greek yogurt on top with any topping you choose whether it’s fresh fruit, chocolate syrup, or honey. Since yogurt isn’t as sturdy as icing or frosting, either eat them best away or put them in the fridge till it’s time to serve.

3. Chocolate Ganache


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Melt together hefty cream and chocolate that your selection to acquire a silky, smooth layer come pour over your cupcakes. It might not it is in a mountain of icing, but the decadence will certainly be real.

4. Cookie Dough


Photo through Hannah Giardina

For every you cookie dough obsessors the end there, this is the cupcake topping for you. It might not be as smooth as buttercream yet it’ll still melt in your mouth and also give you some cookie with your cupcake. Now you can have actually two desserts in one.

5. Meringue

Photo courtesy of SarahSmallwood top top Flickr

Some that you could not like frosting because it’s as well sweet. If it is the case, meringue provides the very same fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth texture together creamy frosting without the overpowering sweetness.

#SpoonTip: Considering that a pretty empty canvas, dress it up v a little lemon or torch the to get a marshmallow effect.

6. Mascarpone

With part mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar and also heavy cream, you can gain a fresh, tangy topping that you can include all type of sports to. That buttery and also rich odor won’t have you absent out any frosting.

7. Whipped Cream and also Toppings

We’ve every taken the can and also sprayed part whipped cream in our mouth. Who says we can’t perform the same on height of cupcakes? The light and airy texture closely resembles a whipped frosting yet has a more subtle sweetness. If it’s no enough, you can include extra toppings choose fruit or sprinkles.

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8. Fresh Fruit Compote

Instead of utilizing fruit compote to fill cupcakes, shot using it together a topping. Simmer any fruit that your picking with part sugar and also water end medium warmth until you acquire a syrup-like consistency. Drizzle some over the cupcakes and enjoy.