Balloons are usual in every celebrations. Even if it is it’s a graduation, birthday, bridal party, promotion, surname it… girlfriend will constantly find balloons. That’s why having actually balloons as component of your car parade will certainly make the solemn event lively.

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Balloons come in number of shapes, sizes, and colors; hence, providing you several options to walk with relying on the celebration.

There room several means that you have the right to decorate your car using balloons. You can tie some inflated balloons to the antenna or side mirrors the the vehicle.

Alternatively, you deserve to tape castle on the car’s roof, trunk, or even hood. No issue where girlfriend tie or tape the balloons, for sure they nothing obstruct your view as you drive.

Mix and also match different species of balloons. Tape animal balloons on peak of the car’s roof and also tie inflated balloons to the antenna. At the very same time, overlapping balloons space perfect for taping ~ above the car’s trunk. These will certainly make your car look festive and unforgettable.

Celebratory Signs

After deciding the balloons the you will usage for decor, the following step is to pick celebratory signs. These assist in announcing the occasion or calling the end the surname of the human being celebrated.

Draw your idea in chalk and color it using markers and paints. Afterward, brush a coating of adhesive on few of the drawings and also letters. Finally, splash part glitter on the wet glue for a sparkling sign(s). Attach the celebratory sign on the vehicle where the separation, personal, instance being commemorated can watch it.

If possible, affix the sign on both sides of the car so that civilization on the parade have the right to see them together well.

The finest celebratory indications should have actually eye-catching colors to develop attention. Girlfriend can additionally use glitters and sturdy poster boards.



Even despite balloons room amazing, you should go the extra mile and also come up with a unique décor. Over there is a high chance that many people in the parade will have balloons fastened to your cars.

So, instead of just attaching balloons, girlfriend can likewise attach large inflatables.

The inflatable deserve to be for animals or unique shaped large balloons. Everything inflatable you choose, lock should enhance with the event’s theme. If the person being commemorated loves animals, friend can gain a large inflatable with the form of a be afflicted with or also a bird.

Large inflatables have to be tied approximately the roof. Usage wire twist-ties come tie them on her car’s roof.

Streamers and also Stickers

Streamers and Stickers can likewise be used for décor in a car parade. Streamers can be bought from a party it is provided store. With a variety of designs and colors to select from, streamers can be mixed and matched.

As a result, it is straightforward to create a vehicle décor the matches the template of the celebration.


Moreover, streamers have the right to be customized top top the auto to develop an appealing sight. Because that instance, you can tape one finish to the high end of the vehicle and also another ~ above the lower end. You can additionally create a sample to come up with a distinct design.

Aside indigenous streamers, friend can additionally use car stickers. Unlike streamers that have to be twisted and also rolled to create a beautiful design, sticker labels are simple to decorate. These space ready-made, and also you only have to stick lock on the car’s window, bumper, or body.

To make the décor an ext appealing, you can produce an animated sticker that the human being you’re celebrating, climate twist the streamer approximately the sticker to kind an eye-catching décor.

Chalk that Up

A quick and also easy way to decorate your automobile for a parade is by chalking the up. Usage window chalk or window markers to write distinct messages. Besides, you can additionally draw beautiful design on the home window glass through a message. The style should match the theme of the celebration.

Unlike permanent auto markers, window chalk is temporary, making the perfect for car parades.

Apply the home window chalk or window marker ~ above the home window glass as it can damage your car’s paint. Furthermore, only use the chalk ~ above the side and also rear windows, no the driver’s window. It can create an obstruction and also lead come an accident.

Colored Duct Tape

Colored duct tape is an additional unique means of decorating your car. Unlike other decorations, duct tape will likewise be used to affix signs and lights. Meaning, you will certainly kill two birds using one stone. Besides, duct tape won’t hurt her car’s paint.

What’s more, you can write short and also fun message on it. Also, you have the right to sketch some illustrations on the colored duct take making use of markers.

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Final Thoughts


If you’re reasoning of hosting a car parade for someone special, these automobile decoration principles should help you out. Girlfriend don’t need to postpone the one-of-a-kind day celebration due to the fact that of the constraints in place.

Share these ideas with the human being you intend to celebrate with so that the parade shows up unique and special. We wish you all the best as friend celebrate a birthday, graduation, or also promotion!