Hello, exorbitant A Blissful swarm readers, it’s me again, Cecilia from house with Keki. Now we’re going to handle a style issue that’s been on my mind because that a while now. I’m sure you’ve seen good ideas ~ above Pinterest, in blog articles or magazines, on how come decorate about a TV. It’s a usual question. Just how do girlfriend decorate roughly your TV? have to you decorate v a TV collection wall? must the television be the sole focal allude on the wall? Well, I’m below to set the record straight.

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About a decade ago it became a popular design trend to add a TV gallery wall. Why? due to the fact that people thought big black TV’s to be ugly and weren’t a an excellent focal allude in many rooms. Nobody want an unsightly black box in the center of the room, for this reason TV owners throughout the globe started including gallery walls about the tv set.

Go ahead, Google “TV collection wall” and you’ll view some people didn’t know where to stop. Lock kept adding and adding and including to your TV gallery wall until you barely i found it the TV anymore. Or worse, the TV didn’t blend v the look and it appeared odd and disjointed in the decorating scheme. Periodically the art spanned the wall mounted TV and also sometimes the TV covered up the wall surface decor.


How to Decorate about a TV:

Okay, therefore don’t obtain me wrong, ten years earlier I could have tried come hide the TV behind too countless decorations too. Flat screen and wall placed TVs offered plenty of opportunities to effort to gain the TV come “blend in” as component of the gallery. I most likely would have included art, household photos, possibly the letter C in galvanized metal…don’t laugh.

But, i’m the first to admit a TV gallery wall surface worked–the TV no the focal allude anymore. But the objective to hide the TV wasn’t always practical. In fact, it regularly caused the viewer to gain distracted through everything approximately the tv set. A cluttered wall of hodgepodge became the focal suggest of the room (not a good look). Together the years have actually gone by, transforms out more people room realizing the cluttered look doesn’t work. That is why, today, ns am going to provide you the greatest tip for decorating approximately a TV:

Subtle. Muted. Minimal. Classic.

Less is whereby we space headed in the architecture world as soon as it concerns decorating approximately a TV. Rather than distract from the TV v a the majority of bells, whistles and also clutter, simply encompass the TV in your existing architecture scheme. The course, decorate approximately the TV just IF you feel you need to. Possibly you have actually a huge wall (but no a huge TV), a huge room, white empty walls, or simply, the desire come spruce up your TV wall, in which instance go ahead and also decorate roughly the TV.

With that said, when creating a TV gallery wall, it’s ideal to always keep that simple.

1. Usage the Same format Frames in her TV collection Wall

Using frames that are the exact same color and style, ensures the TV gallery wall surface look is cohesive. The TV becomes the showcase of the design, fairly than feather poorly hidden. Any kind of color framework will work but keep them continuous with the layout of the room itself. Enhance your frames come the room, quite than trying to enhance them to the modern-day look that the TV.

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2. Aim because that Lighter colors to do the TV the Focus

When decorating around the TV, psychic the TV need to be the focal length point. It’s specifically effective to usage frames and art in light, neutral colors. Remember, wall surface mount TVs space black, so completing with an additional dark or bright piece of art provides the wall feel chaotic and also confusing. Neutral frames and also light artwork will certainly look more purposeful and also deliberate.

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3. Aim for Symmetry and Balance on the TV Wall

No an ext of the excuse, “Oh, ns will simply put this right here to cover the old nail hole.” A balanced look will appear calm and well thought-out. A wall surface where items space hung haphazardly feels confusing and unsettling.

You don’t necessarily should hang items in the specific same size frames, evenly on either side of the TV, yet measure your wall so items are continuously spaced. Don’t overdo the or include too many items to complete for attention.


4. Usage Shelving or Built-Ins to residence Your TV

If you have actually a handy companion or the money, include shelving or integrated bookcases approximately the TV. YUP, integrated shelves were an extremely popular before the 1990’s. Then, the tendency dropped off and also people were literally tearing them out of homes. I cringe at the thought of every the beautiful original 1920’s built-in cabinetry and shelving that was take it out.

Well, guess what? civilization are currently paying thousands come install built-in shelving. Builders are also including them to brand-new homes, leaving a large, centered room for a nice-sized flat display TV. I truly believe this time about the integrated trend is right here to continue to be as generations have involved appreciate the craftsmanship and the convenience of extra storage. The built-in bookcases room a an excellent space to show off decor from publications to image (and the course, the television).

Consider building approximately the TV as your room design. Then, when you’re ready to do your brand-new shelving watch great, come ago here and also learn just how to style those impressive built-ins.


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I recognize this post was a small different than my normal decorating tips or “5 means to” series, but I wanted aid A Blissful nest readers make the right decisions as soon as decorating about a TV. Happily these days, with flat-screen TVs and also wall-mounted TV options, the profile is low. TV’s don’t have to take end the wall surface or the room, but they must blend in. If you desire to have actually a TV gallery wall, keep it subtle.

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Let’s face it, the huge black box in your living room isn’t going anywhere. Fairly than fighting to odor from it, or figuring out exactly how to hide the TV, occupational with the TV in your design. Use these advice to ensure your TV looks great as component of her gallery wall.