I had heard you can bury a deer head and also the bugs would clean it up. Assumed I"d try it ~ above the buck I killed last season.

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I assumed it worked pretty good. Now trying to decision if I want to leaving it choose this or whiten it. I kinda like this look.

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i picked off part left overs and also didn"t notification any smell. But time will tell. I placed in the garage therefore by tonight ns should have the ability to tell if the stinks or not.
How walk you save the antlers from being chewed on? I"ve still got the head from my buck from last autumn in the freezer. ;D I want to execute something v it, yet don"t really have the time or the patience to boil it down.

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There is a male in columbus that was cook heads last year because that $50.00. Girlfriend didn"t need to do any type of prep work.
How did you keep the antlers from gift chewed on? I"ve still gained the head from mine buck native last fall in the freezer. ;D I want to perform something through it, however don"t really have actually the time or the patience to cook it down.
i wrapped the antlers in a trash bag then hidden just the skull through the antlers over ground. Ns then spanned the whole thing through a 30 gallon garbage can and put a big log on the to store the critters from acquiring to it. I"ve boiled lock before and its kinda of a pain. The only work to this I"ve had so much is digging the hole.
Here"s one more option. Discover a great red ant hill, drive some fence write-ups in the ground around the hill and then placed some old woven cable fence about it. Put the skull within on peak the hill and also wire it to the fence real an excellent so nothing drags that off. A great colony of ants will certainly strip one clean in a issue of a few days.
I had actually heard that very same thing too yet never knew...Did you ask the antlers too? just curious how you kept the rodents from eating them.well looks favor danf to win me come it!Next question, exactly how long did that take?
i skinned it and left all the meat top top it, its remained in the ground due to the fact that some time in May. Ns should have actually written under the specific date however I didn"t.
I"d go ahead and also have it bleaching or what ever they do, it sort of watch a little scary and stinky if you had actually it bleached i think it would look "clean"
I did the to my buck I killed last season as well. I had actually it in the ground from November until sometime in April. Just had a tiny bit to choose off as soon as I unburied it. Ns then whitened it and also it looked nice good. The is till it dropped off the wall in the garage and shattered anywhere the floor.
Don"t usage bleach top top it! bleach will failure the bone end time. If you desire to whiten it walk to a hair salon and also pick up some hydrogen peroxide, It will certainly make it nice and white without doing any kind of damage. Simply put a trashbag end each beam and tape it turn off tight then placed it in the peroxide. Try to store the beams above the peroxide level. Works prefer a charm I have done countless that way.
I know of a taxi and also he boils them and also makes sure they are to the whitening stage. Climate he simply masks off the antlers and also uses white paint. As long as yes sir no operation in the paint, the looks sharp.
I like the way it looks, provides it that natural look. I have a scrub buck that ns shot years back done that way I never ever bleached it and it didn"t stink. I hidden the entier thing, didn"t plunder the antlers. The dirt definately died the bone. Looks good in a garage or a Man"s room.
You can buy this from www.skulltaxidermy.comWord of fist tho. They execute require some minimal treatment to preserve the colony and you don"t want them in your house or enclosed garage. Oh, they smell too.

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cover that liberally with salt and also let collection a couple days then usage a brush come clean the up. Climate youre done, hang it on the wall.
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