Rust is a car’s natural enemy, however you have the right to be your four-wheeled chariot’s an initial line of defense.

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Rust forms in stages, and knowing where a trouble spot is in the decomposition process can help point you to the appropriate solution. Here are the three main stages the rust and also how to deal with them.

Surface Rust

The first signs that a difficulty pop increase in paint nicks, cracks, and scratches. Basic fix.

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Surface rust is simply that: ~ above the surface. Leaving a automobile with steel disc brake rotors parked for a tiny while, and also you deserve to see surface ar rust type on the rotors. That’s never ever a threat, however, together that rust is typically wiped off the rotor after just a few stops.

Most surface ar rust top top your auto forms as soon as paint breaks down with mechanical or UV damage, which is why also cars in warm, dried climates obtain it. Structurally, surface rust is no a problem, and depending ~ above the metal"s thickness and also alloy composition, a level that "passivation" may also be reached where the surface rust actually guards the steel from additional oxidation.

Regardless, it"s finest to correct surface ar rust as shortly as you see it—just in case. That patina-coated van from Arizona may end up being a hole-filled nightmare in the not correct weather. The resolve is much like basic paint repair. Begin by making use of an abrasive wheel or sandpaper (we used 50-grit) to reduced through the paint and also corrosion until clean, bright steel is visible. Unstable up the bordering areas, too, so that your body treatments have the right to adhere well to the car.


Next, usage a rust inhibitor or converter to impede the believe worm"s progress. Her steel may look shiny after ~ knocking the clearly shows rust off, but there’s still some iron oxide there. Rust inhibitors convert iron oxide right into a chemically stable, moisture-resistant compound that protects the rest of the metal underneath. For example, the Permatex Rust therapy we tried includes tannic acid, i beg your pardon reacts v the rust and also converts it come iron tannate (which is stable) and also 2-Butoxyethanol, an necessary polymer that acts together a inside wall atop the metal. (You can paint end this Permatex version, however we introduce this one for locations like the car’s underbody whereby you don"t care how that looks as lengthy as it"s no rusting.)