Overactive bladder is a disorder that causes various symptoms, consisting of a sudden, uncontrollable urge to urinate and also a frequent need to walk to the bathroom during both the day and the night. Part people also experience incontinence.

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Overactive bladder is a common condition the affects both males and females. The can occur at any type of age, but it becomes more likely as civilization get older.

Having one overactive bladder can impact a who work, social life, and also sleep quality. In one study, 65% of civilization with one overactive bladder said that it impacted their quality of life.

Effective therapy is easily accessible in plenty of cases. A range of components can cause an overactive bladder, and also the treatment will rely on the cause and whether the human being experiences incontinence.

Options incorporate home remedies, medication, surgery, and nerve stimulation. A medical professional can aid an individual discover the best approach.

In this article, learn more about how to control an overactive bladder.

Find out an ext about the symptoms and also causes of one overactive bladder in our committed article here.

Dietary treatments

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A adjust in drinking behavior may aid relieve symptoms for part people.

Caffeine and also alcohol can act together diuretics, which way that lock can cause a person to produce more urine. Caffeine is present in coffee, tea, energy drinks, and also many sodas.

Other drink that may trigger additional urination include:

carbonated beveragesdrinks containing artificial sweetenerscranberry juice

People may be able to minimize nighttime symptom by reducing their intake of liquids just prior to bed.

It deserve to be tempting to try to reduce urine manufacturing by drinking less liquid overall. However, this deserve to lead come dehydration. In addition, focused urine can irritate the bladder and also make symptom worse.

Some foods, consisting of spicy foods and acidic foodstuffs — such as orange juice and also tomato sauce, can likewise irritate the bladder and exacerbate the symptom of an overactive bladder.

Lifestyle remedies

Various way of living remedies may help reduce symptoms.

Weight management

Obesity is a risk variable for an overactive bladder, possibly due to the fact that the added weight puts push on the pelvic floor. Shedding weight might relieve symptoms.


Experts have linked smoking with symptoms of an overactive bladder in both males and also females.

Pelvic floor exercises

These exercises, which world often speak to Kegel exercises, target to combine the muscle that control urination. They involve tightening, holding, and also then relaxing the muscles the the body uses to urinate. World can do these practice anywhere, at any type of time, but it is best to north the bladder first.

Electrical stimulation the muscles

Doctors might also attain the impacts of pelvic floor exercises through electrical stimulation the the very same muscles.

Bladder training

The advice to urinate occurs when the bladder contracts. When a person has an overactive bladder, the bladder starts come contract before it is full. A person can feel as though they should urinate and also then uncover that over there is no urine come expel.

In bladder training, a human resists the urge to urinate. The target of this is to train the bladder to end up being used to holding more urine. Bladder training have the right to take time, and also it have the right to require patience.

A person usually starts by resisting the advice to urinate for simply a couple of minutes. Castle gradually construct up till they deserve to wait an hour or more between restroom visits.

This an approach is only an ideal for world with an overactive bladder, and it requirements a doctor’s guidance.


Biofeedback provides a person the opportunity to monitor how particular actions affect their body.

For example, to identify how effective a activity or practice is, a human might lug out pelvic floor exercises with a probe inside the vagina (for females) or anus (for males). This an equipment sends information to a computer screen so that the person deserve to see real-time feedback.

Getting this feedback can help the individual become more aware the what works and also what come avoid.

Incontinence products

While a human is waiting for effective treatment, or if treatment does not work, the following commodities may aid them manage their symptoms if they endure incontinence:

incontinence pads or pantsa handheld urinala catheter for draining urinedevices to avoid leakage, for example, when exercising

Learn an ext here around how to do Kegel exercises.

Some world may find medications beneficial. A human should follow your doctor’s instructions when using medications, and also they may need to attend follow-up sessions so the the doctor can monitor them for adverse effects.

Diuretics and antidiuretics

These encompass antidiuretic drugs, such together desmopressin (DDAVP).

For world who primarily have a problem with urinating at night, a doctor might prescribe a diuretic to take it in the so late afternoon.


A doctor may prescribe these for an overactive bladder or incontinence. Examples include oxybutynin (Ditropan) and tolterodine (Detrol).


Mirabegron (Myrbetriq) can help treat one overactive bladder through relaxing the bladder, which help it fill and also store urine.


Antidepressant drugs may aid reduce incontinence by boosting muscle ton in the urethra. One example is duloxetine (Cymbalta).

Medications can produce adverse effects, few of which have the right to be severe. A medical professional should comment on these v the individual and monitor their usage of the drugs.

Interstitial cystitis is an additional condition that can cause a person to feel press on the bladder. Discover out more about this problem here.

Depending ~ above the cause and also symptoms that overactive bladder, surgery may be an option if other treatments carry out not help.

Adapting or repairing damage to urinary organs may aid relieve symptoms.

The selection of procedure will rely to some level on the cause of overactive bladder, the who sex, and also the severity of the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Options because that surgical measures include:

lifting the neck of the bladder (colposuspension)putting a sling around component of the bladder (sling surgery)inserting a mesh into the urethra (vaginal mesh surgery)injecting urethral bulking agents to rise the dimension of the urethral wallsfitting a sphincter, a ring that muscle that can assist control to pee flowincreasing the dimension of the bladderdiverting urine outside the bodyinserting a catheter to control overflow

A physician will usually recommend surgery only as a last will or for details cases.

Nerve stimulation is a reasonably simple and also promising therapy for an overactive bladder. This therapy may aid people who symptoms do not respond to lifestyle transforms or medication. The may additionally be advantageous for those who suffer adverse effects from the drugs.

Nerve stimulation involves sending mild electrical currents come the muscle of the pelvis and also lower back that play a duty in urination. It can either aid the muscles contract or encourage the growth of helpful nerve cell in the area.

There room two key ways of performing nerve stimulation:

Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS): A skilled puts a little electrode through the skin of the lower leg. A device sends pulses of electrical power to the electrode, i m sorry stimulates a nerve in the leg. This, in turn, stimulates a nerve in the lower ago that is responsible for managing the bladder.

Sacral nerve stimulation (SNS): SNS offers the same procedure as PTNS, however the skilled will location the electrode under the skin just above the buttocks. They usage this to wake up the nerve in the lower ago that helps manage bladder storage and also the urge to urinate.

Learn much more here around home and natural remedies for an overactive bladder.

One that the first steps in solving an overactive bladder is to store a journal of urinary habits and any other symptoms for about a week.

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Doing this can aid the individual understand what helps and also what makes symptoms worse. It deserve to also aid them define the concerns to a doctor.

The human should record:

all of the fluids the they consumewhen and how regularly they urinateany situations of accidental leakagereasons for any kind of leakage, such as laughing or coughingany leakage that occurs while sleeping or with no obvious trigger