Medically the review by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., R.N., CRNA — written by Noreen Iftikhar, MD on might 6, 2019

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If you’re pregnant and also having headaches, you’re no alone. A clinical review reports the 39 percent the pregnant and also postpartum women have actually headaches.

Though throughout pregnancy friend may have a different kind the headache 보다 you typically do, most headaches throughout pregnancy aren’t harmful.

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Headache pain throughout the an initial trimester of pregnancy may occur for various reasons than headaches in the second or 3rd trimester. In some cases, headache pain may be a authorize of various other health difficulties during pregnancy.

Tell her doctor around any headache you have during, before, and after pregnancy. Save a journal to record how often you have actually headaches and also how severe the pains is. Additionally, record any type of other symptoms you have.

Types of headaches

Most headaches throughout pregnancy are main headaches. This method that the headache pain happens by itself. It’s no a sign or symptom of an additional disorder or a complication in the pregnancy. Main headaches include:

tension headaches

About 26 percent that headaches during pregnancy room tension headaches. Call your medical professional if you have chronic headaches or migraine throughout pregnancy or if you have a history of migraine.

Some women with a background of migraine obtain fewer migraine strikes during pregnancy. Migraine has also been connected to symptom that take place later in pregnant or after ~ the birth of your baby.

Secondary headaches are a brought about by a complication in the pregnancy, such as high blood pressure.

Common symptom of headache during pregnancy

Headache pain might vary native one human to the next. You might have:

dull achethrobbing or pulsating painsevere pain on one or both sides spicy pain behind one or both eyes

Migraine pain may likewise include:

nausea vomiting seeing lines or flicker of lightblind spots
Causes of headaches during pregnancy

First trimester

Tension headaches are typical in the very first trimester of your pregnancy. This might happen due to the fact that your body is experience several alters at this time. These changes may trigger headache pain:

higher blood volumeweight alters

Common causes of headache pain during the first trimester the pregnancy also include:

nausea and also vomitingstress lack of sleepcaffeine withdrawalpoor nutritionlow blood sugar levels too tiny physical activitysensitivity come lightchanges in vision

Some foods may likewise cause headaches. Your cause foods may readjust during pregnancy. Typical foods the may cause headaches in some human being include:

dairychocolate cheese yeasttomatoes

Second and third trimester

Headaches throughout your 2nd and 3rd trimester may have different causes. These include:

extra weightposturetoo little sleepdietmuscle strain and tightnesshigh blood pressure

High blood pressure

Headaches during your second or third trimester of pregnancy might be a authorize that you have actually high blood pressure. Around 6 to 8 percent of pregnant women ages 20 come 44 in the unified States have high blood pressure.

The Centers for an illness Control and Prevention (CDC) alerts that this treatable condition can reason serious complications for both mother and baby. This is most typical after main 20 that pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant, high blood pressure deserve to raise the risk of:

low oxygen circulation to the babypreterm delivery, before 37 weeks

Treatment for hypertension during pregnancy

Your doctor may prescribe medicine to treat her high blood pressure. You’ll likewise need to cut down top top salt and also add more fiber to your daily diet. Continuous exercise is also very important to assist balance your blood pressure.

Other causes of headache throughout pregnancy include usual infections and an ext serious illnesses:

low blood pressurestrokeheart conditions

Talk to her doctor before taking your constant headache pain medication during pregnancy. Don’t take aspirin and also ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin etc.).

The CDC cautions that these pain relief drugs can be harmful come your farming baby, particularly if taken throughout the an initial trimester. Many women might take paracetamol (Tylenol) during pregnancy. However, part studies suggest there may be effects from acquisition acetaminophen together well.

Your doctor can recommend alternative medications to treat headache throughout pregnancy and natural headache remedies, such as:

drinking lot of of waterrestice packheating padmassageexercise and stretchingWhen to see your doctor

See your physician if girlfriend have any type of headache pain at all throughout pregnancy. Gain urgent clinical attention if friend have:

fever nausea and vomitingblurred visionsevere painheadache that lasts much longer than a few hoursfrequent headache painfaintingseizure

Your doctor may recommend tests and also scans to find out the reason of your headaches. These include:

checking your blood pressureblood testblood sugar test vision testultrasound of the head and also neckheart or head scanchecking eye health and wellness with a scope

Headache pain during pregnancy is common. You may have actually tension headaches during your very first trimester the pregnancy. This may happen due to the fact that of the many changes that you going through in a quick period.

Headache pains may take place in the 2nd and third duration of your pregnant for other reasons. Some reasons of headaches in your mid to late pregnancy may be serious.

High blood press is a serious reason of headache pain during pregnancy. You can have high blood press at any type of time in your pregnancy. You may not have any type of symptoms at all. Examine your blood push at least once a day with a home monitor.

Tell your physician if you have headaches at any type of time in your pregnancy. Let her doctor recognize right away if you have a an individual or family background of migraine, high blood pressure, seizures or diabetes.

Take all medications and treatment specifically as prescribed by your doctor. Follow all diet and exercise advice carefully. Watch your physician for every follow-up and regular check-ups. Most reasons of headaches during pregnancy are treatable or preventable with the right care.

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