Athlete's foot is a usual fungal epidemic that influence the feet. You have the right to usually law it v creams, sprays or powders from a pharmacy, however it have the right to keep coming back.

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Symptoms the athlete's foot

One the the main symptoms the Athlete's foot is itchy white patches in between your toes.



It can likewise cause sore and also flaky spot on your feet.

The skin have the right to look red, yet this may be less noticeable ~ above brown or black color skin.



Sometimes the skin on your feet may become cracked or bleed.


Other symptoms

Athlete's foot can also impact your soles or political parties of her feet. It sometimes causes fluid-filled blisters.

If it's no treated, the infection can spread to your toenails and also cause a fungal pond infection.

A pharmacist can help with athlete's foot

Athlete's foot is i can not qualify to get better on that is own, however you have the right to buy antifungal medicines for it from a pharmacy. They typically take a few weeks to work.

Athlete's foot therapies are easily accessible as:


They're no all perfect for anyone – because that example, part are just for adults. Constantly check the packet or asking a pharmacist.

You could need to shot a few treatments to discover one that works ideal for you.

How come treat and prevent athlete's foot yourself

You have the right to keep making use of some pharmacy treatments to protect against athlete's foot comes back.

It's additionally important to keep your feet clean and also dry. You carry out not have to stay off job-related or school.


dry her feet after ~ washing them, specifically between her toes – dab castle dry quite than rubbing them

use a different towel for her feet and also wash it regularly

take your shoes off once at home

stay clean socks every job – noodle socks space best


do not scratch impacted skin – this have the right to spread the to various other parts of her body

perform not walk roughly barefoot – stay flip-flops in areas like transforming rooms and showers

execute not share towels, socks or shoes with other people

perform not stay the same pair of shoes for more than 2 days in a row

perform not wear shoes the make her feet hot and sweaty


Keep following this advice after finishing treatment to assist stop athlete's foot coming back.

therapies from a pharmacy carry out not workyou're in a lot of discomfortyour foot or leg is hot, painful and red (the redness may be much less noticeable ~ above brown or black skin) – this can be a much more serious infectionthe epidemic spreads to other parts of your body such as your handsyou have actually diabetes – foot difficulties can be an ext serious if you have actually diabetesyou have actually a weakened immune device – for example, friend have had an body organ transplant or are having chemotherapy

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: exactly how to contact a GP

It's still important to get assist from a GP if you need it. To contact your GP surgery:

visit their websitecall them

Find out about using the throughout COVID-19

Treatment for athlete's foot native a GP

The GP may:

send a tiny scraping the skin from your feet come a laboratory to inspect you have athlete's footprescribe antifungal tablet computers – you can need to take these for several weeksrefer you to a skin specialist (dermatologist) for more tests and treatment if required

How you acquire athlete's foot

You can capture athlete's foot from other people with the infection.

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You can acquire it by:

walking barefoot in places where someone else has athlete's foot – especially an altering rooms and showerstouching the impacted skin that someone with athlete's foot

You're more likely to obtain it if you have actually wet or sweaty feet, or if the skin on her feet is damaged.